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5 Best Proxy Server | Is it Genuinely Safe to Use?

It is quite fascinating how the world wide web works. There are millions of websites that we can access every day, and there are many websites that we need to avoid. Also, there is a group of websites that wish to access, but we don’t want any of our personal information revealed. Sometimes, we need to use alternative options like proxy servers to access such websites. So what is the best free proxy server really! Let’s find out about the best proxy servers that can save your privacy during web browsing.

It is not always possible to install a proxy server client in our computers or other devices for all the reasons that we wish to visit these websites. If you have a specific platform or a website that you have to visit regularly, keeping a proxy server client on our device or on the browser that we use to access the web will save time and make the browsing experience easier.

But after all, what is a proxy server? Are they genuinely safe to use? Your mind must have crossed these questions while or before a proxy server. We are going to flip sides of those so-called best proxy servers and let you know the truth behind them. You will also be able to find out the best proxy servers you can find online, including free proxy servers.

How does a proxy server work?

The device you use to access the internet has a unique code, which is known as Internet Protocol (IP). It’s like the address of your house. It’s unique from any other internet user device, and it’s used to exchange data and information across the internet to your device. 

When you use a proxy server, it works as a middleman in between the website you access and the device you use. Proxy servers will cooperate with the website on behalf of you to provide the data, media, and information you seek. It will allow you to access the websites without revealing any personal IP addresses.

What are the benefits of using a proxy server?

Security and Safety

Using a proxy server will help you to save your identity from the world wide web. The latest proxy server providers include upgraded firewalls to ensure the safety of the users to filter the data translation to avoid unwanted threats like viruses, malware, and adware, etc. Using a trusted proxy server will help the user to have a clean browsing experience that is also safe. Using one of the best proxy servers that are recognized will help you to stay safe in the internet world.

Avoid Filter

If the company or the region has added any filters that can affect your browsing experience, using a proxy server will allow you to skip these filters and access the websites that are allowed to the outside world.

Monitor and filter the traffic

Specific proxy servers allow you to monitor the traffic that is being exchanged through the server. Adding a proxy client to a device will allow you to monitor the websites that device or devices are being accessed. You can also include any filters as well. Best proxy servers that are available today can be a very helpful feature to protect children from the outside web.

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What is the best free proxy server?

You will be able to find many free and paid proxy servers on the internet. Generally, best proxy servers that are free to use come as short term plans. You will be able to find a handful of free proxy servers that are safe to use. There are certain things that you need to check before using a free proxy server because it is a tricky task to pick a free & the best proxy servers from the web at once.

The most important fact that you need to check on a free proxy server is the number of available servers. Best proxy servers allow the user to pick servers from across the world while the best proxy server providers only allow a limited number of servers to use.

Best proxy servers tend to provide a service that has higher security standards. You will be able to encrypt your data and URLs you access through the proxy server and also let you add other protective shields to keep specific sensitive details safe.

So when looking for a free proxy server, it’s better if you can look into these details, and if you can get these features included in your free proxy server, you will be able to have a safe and better browsing experience.

Best proxy servers that are free



The best proxy server that you will find on this list is MegaProxy. It has been providing proxy solutions for the internet world over 20 years and is still active and provides a fast and smooth service to users. Even though it doesn’t allow you to choose any servers, it will automatically assign your session to the most suitable server to provide you better user experience. By far, this is one of the fastest proxy servers I have noticed with very little downtime. You will be able to customize the privacy and security settings, unlike any other free proxy server provider.


Instead of calling Kproxy the best & free proxy server, it would be accurate to say that it has successfully provided proxy solutions to most of the proxy users in the world. Kproxy is one of the most widely used free proxy providers on the internet and yes, it is considered as one of the best proxy servers in the world. You will have about 10 server choices to choose from. You can easily download the Chrome and Firefox extensions from the official website. These servers will let you use the internet without any restrictions and highly recommended use as a 100% free proxy server. is also a popular & free proxy server provider that you can easily gain access to. As a free user, you can choose any server from the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA to access the internet. However, paid users are eligible to use a wider range of servers. becomes one of the best proxy servers because it does not save any data or information from your end or any information that you browse. They assure you that your browsing experience is highly secured. You can also download their browser extensions to prevent WebRTC leaks.


If you prefer having plenty of server choices to use when browsing the internet, ProxySite will be able to provide a free proxy service. They provide over 25 free proxy servers from the USA and across Europe. The best thing is that you can simply change the server while exploring websites and even check what suits best for you. And also, it allows you to tweak the settings such as cookies and scripts. Many users recommend ProxySite as one of the best proxy servers to access youtube.


Hidester is another proxy provider that has server locations from the USA and Europe, just like ProxySite. Unlike ProxySite, Hidester does not allow you to choose your desired server. You can only choose the location, and the site will automatically provide you a suitable server. You can encrypt URLs and allow or disable cookies and scripts according to your preference. However, you can access other servers from different countries if you are planning to use their paid version.


If you are using a paid service, most likely, you will receive a rich browsing experience that is high in security standards and the overall speed. Using the best proxy server as mentioned above will help you to stay hidden and anonymous for a certain time. If you are planning to use proxy servers for a longer period of time, it’s best to use a paid service instead of free proxy servers. We would highly recommend you not to insert any sensitive details such as credit card details and passwords if you are using a proxy service that doesn’t have a good reputation.

To the question of what is the best free proxy server, the answer can be very dependable due to many reasons. As these servers are completely free to use, many users might already be using them, and it might affect the browsing speed. Sometimes you will have to tweak certain settings to get the best performance of specific websites.

Most free proxy servers do not allow you to explore video-based platforms because it requires a larger bandwidth. It can be a tricky task to find a good free proxy server that allows you to surf youtube, Netflix, and other video platforms.

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