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7 Awesome things Ahrefs can do in SEO

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The best thing in digital marketing is that many tools nowadays allow you to analyze websites and the activities of the websites to get quicker and accurate reports. Tools like this can help you track your website and your competitor’s website just in few seconds. Ahrefs has hundreds of ways that will help you to improve the SEO of your websites. I thought of writing a little review of this popular tool which been used by hundreds of online marketers every day.

Keyword Explorer

As online marketers, we know how important keyword research is. Ahrefs can help you find suitable and low competition keywords just in few clicks. With the help of many filters, you will be able to find from low competition keywords, fresh keywords to localized keywords of your country. Ahrefs has separate keyword databases for over 170 countries. Also, another key feather which it has is that, we can analyze a keyword and see the behavior of it with the time. Ahrefs has the data of billions of keywords with the past behaviors of them. This feature will be helpful to monitor your competitor’s keyword history as well.

Keep an eye on ranking progress

You can track the position of the websites based on the keywords. Ahrefs will allow you to check the daily and weekly progress of the website rankings through 170 countries.

Monitor Competitors Movement

If you are working on a new online platform that has many or dominating competitors and thinking of a way to stand above them, the Competing Domains feature will be able to help you the behavior of your competitor’s websites. After identifying the competitors, you can analyze their domains and explore the sites which perform well while you can monitor the sites which outperform. Also, this will help you to analyze there, backlink growth, find parties that spend more time on the websites, gather information about broken links, find out which countries perform well and identify their valuable keywords.

Monitor Inbound & Outbound Links

You can monitor all the links which are pointing towards your site from other websites (backlinks) and the outbound links that are pointed towards other websites. You can monitor them through Ahrefs within few seconds and filter them separately according to new, lost, and broken backlinks.

SERP Features

You can analyze all the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) features of Google, Bing, and Yahoo such as top 10 search results, AdWords ads, knowledge card, knowledge panel, Image pack, top stories, people also ask panel, featured snippet, shopping result, tweet box, site links, video panel, and thumbnails. This could be very useful because sometimes we find keywords that are dominated by Google itself through its features.

Fix broken backlinks

Creating backlinks can help you a lot when it comes to search engine optimization. But it can be worthless if the backlinks are broken and probably will turn out to be a waste of money. Ahrefs can help you find the broken backlinks of your website and fix them to save the link juice.

Find content gaps

When you create blogs and websites, sometimes we might miss a couple of golden keywords that we could have used on our sites. Perhaps, you want to find our what dominative keywords that your competitor has forgotten to use. Ahrefs, the Content Gap tool will allow you to look into those gaps and help you use them for your website’s benefit.



As you can see, Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools which you can get for a budget-friendly price. Ahrefs quality information is very reliable, and it has a high-speed system. If you are a blogger or an online/ affiliate marketer, I would highly recommend you give this tool a try. It will help you overcome a lot of matters you find in your SEO journey.


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