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8 Best Captcha Providers in 2020

You must have come across moments where you got to pick certain letters, numbers, or symbols to prove that you are human. They are known as captchas, and they are designed to keep bots and programs away from adding funny comments and other stuff on these platforms. Web developers include captchas to ensure that the websites are being used only by humans.
However, Every story has two sides. While there are companies that create advanced captchas to keep bots and computers away, there are several companies that try to create programs and other advanced methods to overcome captcha tasks. We are going to talk about the best captcha solvers that you can find in the online world. Let’s find out what are the best captcha providers in the market today.

Types of Captcha Solving services

Human-based Captcha Solving Services

Human-based captcha solving services are the services that are based on human solved captchas. They generally hire people to solve captchas in an accurate and fast manner. There are also online jobs available for those who like to work as a captcha solver. Human-based captcha solving services can be pricey as it works with an actual human behind.

OCR Services

OCR services are known as Optical Character Recognition services that track the characters and symbols via a program and solve itself. Many companies create OCR services that can solve captchas but none of them comes with a higher success ratio like human based captcha solving services. These services require constant updates to ensure that the service is working properly.

8 Best Captcha Providers in 2020 - Timmings Gold Mine Tour


Best Captcha Providers

Human-based Captcha Solving Services


Anti-Captcha has been successfully providing captcha solving services to the online world since 2007. During recent days, they became quite popular among people who are into black hat techniques because of the fast and accurate service they provide. They generally take just 7-8 seconds to solve a captcha and ensure a success ratio of 99.99%. Anti-captcha has the capability to solve any captcha from image captchas, Recaptcha to fun captchas.

Its price range is based on the captchas and starts from $.60 to $2 per set of 1000 captchas.


2Captcha is also one of the best human based captcha solving services. It can solve captchas in less than 12 seconds. The best feature I have noticed with 2Captcha is that they accept captchas from multiple languages. If you can visit their official website, you will be able to see that their service is supported on Python, PHP, JS, Go, C#, and on Ruby. You can also integrate this service with tools such as RankerX, GSA services, Money Robot and SEO Autopilot Software, etc. The price range also can be vary depending on the captcha type. It generally costs between $.50 to $3 per set of 1000 captchas.


EndCaptcha has been in the captcha solving industry for over five years. This is one of the fastest captcha solving services out there that provides slowness insurance. However, you will not be able to find any small scale packages as they are focused on bulk packages. Their price range starts from $11.99 for 3000 captchas. This service can be a fit for you because they are concerned about the quantity. You will be able to get free captcha credits if you can simply visit their official website.

OCR Services

XEvil (Antigate)

XEvil is advanced software that has the capability to identify captcha text, symbols, and images and solve them by itself. It is an advanced OCR service that requires a powerful pc or a VPS to run and perform well. According to current users, it is recommended to have an 8-10 core processor with 32GB RAM or above to get better results. Once set up the software on a powerful setup, you will be able to solve captchas under 1-2 seconds. It comes as a one time purchase and free unlimited updates. However, you will have to invest your money on a powerful setup and for proxies. XEvil comes as the captcha solving plugin for RankerX. Yet, you can use this tool along with other software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker.


CapMonster is an OCR service that provides a simple interface to solve captchas faster. It has the ability to solve SolveMedia, KeyCaptcha, VKontakte, BotDetect, Google Words, ReCaptcha Words, Yandex, and HotMail captchas at a higher accuracy rate. The software itself recognizes the captcha and solves itself. CapMonster has been in the SEO industry for over 10 years, and they have gained the satisfaction of a very large community. CapMonster comes in yearly subscriptions, and the price range starts from $37.

GSA Captcha Breaker

GSA is a software company that is situated in Germany. They create SEO related software, and they have designed an automated tool that can solve captchas. This software is mainly designed to integrate with GSA related software. However, you can use it along with any other SEO related software as well. While it has the ability to solve an average number of captchas, it finds it hard to solve advanced captchas such as reCaptcha V3 and reCaptcha Enterprise etc. As this comes with a one-time purchase and with unlimited updates, this could be a great choice for budget-friendly projects.

You can learn more about the GSA Captcha Breaker through the video below.

Captcha Sniper

Captcha Sniper is also an OCR based software that can be used with many SEO related tools such as GSA SER, ScrapeBox, No Hands SEO, SEnuke, iMacros, and API. It is also an ideal option for those who prefer automation. It comes as a one-time purchase only with $57 and with lifetime free updates. This also can be a good choice for those who wish to cut down the captcha solving costs.


DeathByCaptcha is also an OCR based captcha solving system that generally has a 90% success ratio. You will find your captchas being solved under 11 seconds, and it can be easily integrated with SEO tools such as GSA. DeathByCaptcha supports ReCaptcha V2, and it may not be capable of solving advanced Captchas. You will find that it is capable of solving captchas in English, Russian, and Chinese.


As you can see, there are different types of captcha solvers that you can choose according to your needs. You can find 100% human-based captcha solving services and also 100% automated services. Using software-based services may sound like it comes in a handy price range, software like XEvil may require advanced hardware and quality proxies. You can always choose a human-based captcha solver, but it usually takes some time to solve each captcha. When it comes to general-purpose captcha solvers such as GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper, you will be able to resolve general captchas but not advanced captchas. They can save a lot of $$ in hand, though. So I hope you will choose the best captcha provider according to your needs. I will see you with another post next week.

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