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10 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Millions of bloggers and website owners earn a recurring cash flow with their affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the top ways to sell products and as well as allows many bloggers, travelers, entrepreneurs to invest and earn money day and night.

 There are thousands of best affiliate programs you can find online. But we are going to pick the best out of the best affiliate programs and open doors for your affiliate marketing journey.

 You can find different types of best affiliate programs all around the internet that can fit your niche. We are going to mention the top paying affiliate programs you can easily sign up for today.

 How to find Best affiliate programs?

An affiliate program is pretty much an agreement that a business agrees to pay another business or a party a commission for driving sales and traffic.

 Each affiliate gets a unique link, which helps the affiliate to track and monitor who drives traffic. When it comes to affiliate programs, the cookie life matters the most because that’s where someone’s data from online activities are saved, and that’s where all the affiliate details are also stored.

 Simply put, if someone decides to click an affiliate link of yours, users’ cookie history will contain the details of your affiliate link to help you receive a commission or help the affiliate to track and identify where the traffic comes from.

Amazon Associates

 You should probably have heard about the Amazon affiliate program already. It is one of the largest online stores, which includes almost anything you are interested in purchasing. Amazon Associates is quite popular among marketers. Their commission rate starts from 1% to 10%. The key benefit of being an Amazon Associate is that many people are aware of the company, and you don’t have to put much effort into giving an introduction to your target audience. Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs that everyone should be joined in.

Amazon Associates - best affiliate programs


 BeRush is the affiliate program that was pioneered by SEMRush. SEMRush is a leading SEO related tools and software development company which allows online communities to level up their online game. This affiliate program allows users to receive up to 40% lifetime recurring commission during sales. This becomes one of the best affiliate programs because they offer a 10-years cookie life through their affiliate program.

 If any of your referred users decides to discontinue a subscription and resubscribe within 10 years’ time, you will still be able to receive the commission after the first subscription.

 You can find SEMRush promotional materials in different languages for your convenience. You can simply sign up and get started with your affiliate program today.

BeRush - best affiliate programs

 eBay Partner Network

 eBay is also one of the leading online stores which also initiated an affiliate marketing network. Currently, it’s packed with billions of products that anyone can choose from. They offer an amazing commission through an auction fee. But the cookie life is quiet less; it only has 24 hours. 

eBay Partner Network - best affiliate programs


 Lately, dropshipping became very trendy in online communities. If you are someone who is interested in taking your dropshipping project to another level, we highly recommend you to get signed up with the Spocket. They provide between 20% to 30% discount for affiliate subscribers. It is a rich database filled with dropshipping suppliers, wholesalers, distributors in Europe and the US. You can pretty much have all the marketing materials and tools that can be very useful for marketing as well. 

Spocket - best affiliate programs


 Teachable is a leading online platform where you can sell online courses as a teacher or join as a student to learn pretty much anything you are interested in learning. This is a very reputable online platform, which is also one of the top paying affiliate programs. Teachable provides a 30% commission for affiliates, which comes with recurring subscriptions. This could be one of the best affiliate programs you can join if you are into education niches.

Teachable - best affiliate programs


 Shopify is pretty much the leader in Dropshipping. This is one of the high paying affiliate programs in the market that includes pretty much everything you need to start your online store. If your audience is into e-commerce and online stores, this would be a great affiliate program that you can join in. The best thing is that you will find that certain affiliates have the room to earn 200% commission through their affiliate programs. You can join the Shopify affiliate army completely for free.

Shopify - best affiliate programs


 Volusion also has initiated other top paying affiliate programs for online businesses. It is an e-commerce solution provider. They are capable of supporting you to build your eCommerce store with almost every step that you come across. Volusion also comes with a 200% commission for certain referrals.

Volusion - best affiliate programs


 HubSpot was initiated under one goal. Which is to give a hand to those who in need in the online community. It comes with a supportive team that is experienced in marketing, sales, and softwares that can help your business grow. As an affiliate, you can also take part in their sales. You will be able to get a commission according to the product tier. Their affiliate cookie life comes with 90 days, which can be a great benefit for any affiliate out there.

HubSpot - best affiliate programs

 Constant Contact

 If your target audience has a lot of marketers, Constant Contact will be able to satisfy your audience with unique email marketing tools for business startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. This service allows affiliates to earn commission starting from $5. The cookie life of this service remains 120 days.

Constant Contact - Constant Contact


 Transferwise is an international money exchange method that allows users to transfer money across the world fast. They have coverage in 80 countries, and they currently got over 8 million users on board. If you have an audience who is looking for money transferring methods over time, you will be able to become an affiliate of Transferwise. The commission depends on your performance, and if you were able to make a number of subscribers, you would be able to earn a decent commission.

Transferwise - best affiliate programs


There are hundreds of high paying affiliate programs around the world. According to our research, these programs are the best affiliate programs that any beginner can easily get started with. Let us know what your favorite affiliate programs with the reasons are. We would love to know what type of programs you are getting engaged with.


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