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8 Free & The Best Email Providers – Upgrade your Emails for FREE!

When was the last time that a postman brought you a letter? Time has changed a lot of things, and all the communication methods have been digitized. Now we live in an era where emails only take just a few seconds to deliver. Now, creating an email even only takes just a few minutes. We are here to learn about the best email providers that are in the online world. I’m sure that you will find a few providers that you haven’t heard before.


Best Email Providers - timminsgoldminetour

One of the largest service providers in the online world is Google, and their free email service is known as Gmail. It was first launched in 2004, and now it has billions of users around the globe.

It comes with a unique and simple interface that allows the user to use attractive themes. Most android users prefer using Gmail because it makes their daily tasks easy with Android mobiles and desktops.

Gmail basically can make anyone’s life easier because it integrates with almost all the other Google services such as Google Maps, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Photos, etc. It only comes with 15GB of free space, and you can extend your storage with a budget-friendly package.

Gmail got you covered pretty much with everything you could expect from the best email providers. A simple email you got by Gmail will help you to come across many daily tasks while giving you a smooth and fast experience. If you are someone who uses the G Suite, you should know what I’m talking about.


If you are someone who takes privacy seriously, ProtonMail will be able to become your ideal and one of the best email providers that you can find. It is a Swiss-based email client that is packed with many security levels while providing a smooth transaction between your emails.

However, this comes with many restrictions. It only allows you to reserve 500MB while adding limitations only for 150 emails per day. Even though it’s considered as a free email service, many users say that the features that they allow for the free version isn’t really plentiful.

Yahoo Mail

Best Email Providers - timminsgoldminetour2
Yahoo was one of the best email providers during the earliest 21st century. It rarely spikes up with good deeds with the online community nowadays, but the recent update with the attractive design is highly appreciated.

You will find that Yahoo features help you to merge your email account with social media such as Facebook and allow you to access SMS and text messages. What’s unique with Yahoo is that it will enable you to produce disposable emails to help the user to avoid spam emails and protect their accounts.

The best thing I have noticed with Yahoo is that you get 1TB of email storage. If you are using your email only for common purposes, this storage will be more than enough to use forever.


If 1TB doesn’t seem to satisfy your needs, AOL will be one of the best email providers for your needs because it provides unlimited storage. This US-based email client brings you a classic look with the email interface. It also holds a strong virus and other third party threat protection.

AOL also allows you to send text messages through the email. If you are someone who wants to share email conversations often, AOL allows you to easily export them in CSV and TXT files for your convenience. This is not something many email clients allow you to do.


The outlook is Microsoft’s email client that most of us are familiar with. Even though many people decide not to use Outlook, recently, Microsoft has upgraded its Outlook email client features. Along with the new simple look, it allows you to keep your social life connected by allowing you to access Skype and Facebook on the same platform.

Microsoft’s storage client is OneDrive, and you will find it easier to integrate with OneDrive. Your mailbox will only allow 15GB of storage that many of the users find it more than enough to get the tasks done.


Zoho is an email client that is not popular among many people across the world. It is on the list of the best email providers because Zoho has been considered as one of the best email providers for small businesses. It comes with a user-friendly interface, just like any other email client.

If you have to manage many email conversations at once, Zoho will help you to manage them all at once through the cloud-based managing system.

What makes it unique is that it helps you to customize your domain name with 25 email addresses. You can get 5GBs of storage with the extension available upon request.

iCloud Mail

This must be one of the most familiar email clients for Mac and iPhone users. iCloud is one of the best email providers because it is simple and has a smooth transition. It only allows you to have 5GB of space, which is shared among your other applicants and media files. Of course, you can extend your storage capacity.

Apple gives you an easy way to integrate with emails through the iPhone and the Mac while providing a fast syncing system.

Yandex Mail

If you are from a European country, you may not have heard this Yandex Mail, but it’s quite popular in Russia as it is also the mother country of Yandex. It gives the user an all-in-one experience while allowing you to access Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts on the same platform.

You get up to 10GB storage, and you can extend the storage anytime.


So here’s the list of the best email providers in today’s online world that you can use. While Gmail is the most popular email client at the moment, other email providers also bring you different unique features, which is what really brings them to the best email providers list. So feel free to check them out as all of them come with free versions.

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