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5 GSA SER Link Lists Reviews

7 GSA SER Link Lists Reviews – Choose the BEST!

Time is a limited thing for all of us, and GSA Search Engine Ranker is a time saver for all of us. It is a fantastic tool, but it requires certain things such as GSA SER link lists, proxies, emails, and some quality content to do wonders with it. So we are here to discuss the best GSA SER link lists.

All you need is to create backlinks when you purchase a GSA SER. Trying out each link service and testing which one works best is going to be a big hassle for anyone. I thought of taking all the hassle on behalf of you and see which service works best with this great tool. I tested over ten link services and thought of picking the seven best out of them to make your life easy. We assure you that you will have to end up in one of these services if you want to run your GSA SER campaigns efficiently.

Before we get started, as a Search Engine Ranker user, you need to know that the best way to get quality targets is by scraping on your own. However, it is going to consume a lot of time and resources to create a high quality verified list. So here are the seven best link list choices to take your GSA SER campaign to the next level.


I wanted to dig as deep as can with all the list services. Since most services have multiple link sets that have been specifically filtered, I thought of giving them all a try and see how the campaigns perform. However, this review only used the general link list of all the services to be fair for each party. I will be updating this guide when I run campaigns on each category of all the services in the future. For this review, we only used one set up of GSA SER in one VPS with a settled number of proxies and emails.

BEST GSA SER Link lists

Captcha solution

We are using GSA Captcha Breaker because that’s the best supportive captcha solver for GSA SER. It was set to 2 retries, and failed captchas would be considered as failed submissions.



HTML timeout



20 Private proxies from Buy Proxy


  • Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU
  • W3520 @ 2.67GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • 140GB SSD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Windows Server 2012

So I specially bought this VPS for this study, and it was $34 from Gnome.


Content is generated by the SEO Content Machine. Spun with Spin rewriter.

Backlinks towards


For each test, 30+ completely fresh and unique emails from catchall and 3 top domains

best GSA SER verified lists

SER Verified Lists

SER Verified Lists have been providing high quality verified link lists to GSA SER users for over eight years. I still remember that I subscribed to their earliest plans as soon as I purchased GSA SER. It’s been many years, and I have been an occasional subscriber of SER Verified Lists until this day.


Let’s keep personal reviews aside and get the facts straight. SER Verified Lists have been a reputed seller, and you can even find their sales thread on Black Hat World. Their specialized categories are designed for three different GSA SER campaigns that most SER users run. While importing targets, I found 0 duplicates on the lists.


  • Monthly – $37
  • 6 Months – $197
  • Yearly – $297

SER Verified Lists comes with three different list categories and also templates as a free bonus for their users.

This is how the member’s area would look like when you gain access.

SER Verified Lists - Members area

It took me a couple of hours to receive the Dropbox access after submitting the request forum. These are the folders that I received via the member’s area and for this campaign, I used lists from the Real-time Verified Targets category.

Contextual Pool

Contextual backlinks can be very beneficial to gain more awareness of our campaigns and backlinks. You can find a specific section for contextual targets in the member’s area. You can use these links to create powerful contextual backlinks with GSA SER. During the projects, I have to mention that the LPM level goes above 50. It could be because of the VPS, but then again, this is the list category that I noticed the highest level of LPM during the case study.

Low Obl – PA – DA

SER Verified Lists filter algorithm is designed along with the support of MOZ metrics. You can find a specific category of links that includes higher MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority valued backlinks here in this category. An overall, they make sure to provide links that only contain MOZ values over 15. The specialty of this category is that it contains links with super high MOZ DA & PA. Sometimes I have come across links that contain targets that have a MOZ value over 60.

You must be already aware of the outbound link ratios. OBL values are a great way to check the spam value of links, and this service includes links that have an OBL value below 50.

Complete Solo Lists

The complete solo list comes with all the targets that have been scraped and filtered in a nutshell. This is an old school technique that many GSA SER users followed. However, SER Verified Lists provide a.SL file with all the verified links for the user’s benefit.

Also, they provide templates from time to time for their users to use along with GSA SER. It comes as a free bonus. As you can see, this is an all in one list service that can be used on any GSA SER project.

I have to mention that I’m pretty much impressed with the LpM of the SER Verified Lists links. If you are looking for a GSA SER link list that can bring you a higher LpM, this service is highly recommended.

Real-time Verified Targets

This folder contains all the links that are verified and filtered by SER Verified Lists.

Even though SER Verified Lists wasn’t able to get a quick boost like SER Power Lists and SER Links, it made its way to give the best performance among all the services within 12 hours. Links from SER Verified Lists got 21988 backlinks within 12 hours.

SER Verified Lists -12 hours

SER Verified Lists showed impressive results after 24 hours by successfully creating over 50168 backlinks. Though SER Power Lists outperformed when it comes to most backlinks within 24 hours, I have to mention that the quality of backlinks is at it’ optimum level as a GSA SER link list service.

I noticed that logs in GSA SER say that there are no targets to post. But there are targets to post, and I think it’s because of a resync and cache issue. It was sorted when I cleared the cache.

I made sure to check some backlinks, and they have only provided targets with higher MOZ values and lower OBL values, which I didn’t notice in any other service.

Breakdown of the backlinks

SER Verifeid Lists


  • Unlimited Verified Targets Per Month
  • 100% Unique domains
  • Impressive results during campaigns
  • GSA Captcha Breaker verified
  • Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Page Authority & Domain Authority
  • Sorted For Below 70 OBL Targets
  • Contextual link list is included
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Templates & Addons
  • Best Practices Guide included
  • Email Support For Technical Issues
  • TeamViewer Support For Technical Issues

SER Links

SER Links is the brand new list service that came in 2020 to the GSA SER family. This caught my attention above all the other sellers because of their description of the complex filtration. Their main filtering system is the Majestic High Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which can be highly beneficial for GSA SER users who are looking for high quality verified link lists.

SER Links - Best SER verified link lists

Not just that, they filter through many captcha solvers such as GSA CB, Captcha Sniper, and Xevil, etc., to ensure that the links are capable of your captcha solver.

As soon As I gained access to the member’s area, I was happy to see that there were only a few members in it. Having only a few members is always a good sign when it comes to GSA SER backlinks. There are 3 different categories in SER Links member’s area. So I ran separate campaigns for each category and checked how things turned out.

I have to mention the quick support of SER Links. They got live chat agents, and also they quickly responded in forums and also for tickets in the member’s area.

Above all that, I was pretty impressed when I saw how efficiently GSA SER campaigns ran with SER Links. As they promised, I found 0 duplicates in their lists.


Monthly Package – $44

Yearly Package – $347

All Links

This category contains all the links that have been filtered by SER Links. When I checked, all the targets have higher Majestic TF/CF values, which proves that their accusation of the filters.

I ran the campaigns with all the engines checked, including the Web 2.0 engine groups.

Gaining an instant boost of LpM is quite common when running GSA SER campaigns. But I was carefully watching how the projects perform for an hour, and I started noticing instant and impressive results with SER Links and also with SER Power Lists. SER Links was able to give me 1550 verified targets, while SER Power Lists was providing 1780 verified targets.

SER Links performance is also quite admirable. Even though it was not able to reach the verified link goal as SER Power Lists and SER Verified Lists, it was able to successfully create 42380 backlinks within 24 hours. Which I still bevelie as outstanding performance for a link list that is highly focused on the quality of the links.

Breakdown of the backlinks

SER Links

Authority Links

If you are someone who is running high-quality campaigns with GSA SER, using Authority Links would be the best choice.

Contextual Links

Contextual backlinks can be very beneficial to gain more awareness of our campaigns and backlinks. You can find a specific section for contextual targets in the member’s area. You can use these links to create powerful contextual backlinks with GSA SER.


  • Daily Verified Links, Authority Links & Contextual Links
  • 7 days refund policy
  • Best results during campaigns
  • 100% Unique Domains
  • GSA Captcha Breaker, Recaptcha & Xevil Compatible
  • Powered by MajesticSEO
  • SPAM Filtered – Low Outbound Links (OBL)
  • Live chat, email, and ticketing support
  • 1 Teamviewer/RDP Free Setup

SER Power Lists

SER Power Lists was launched in 2015 and this is probably the most popular list service among GSA SER users. They provide over 95000+ high quality verified targets along with 30000+ top tier quality targets. Their main filtration comes with MOZ DA and with GSA Captcha Breaker.

SER Power Lists Best GSA SER lists

They also got three different link lists. They are Top Tier URLs, Contextual URLs, and verified URLs in the member’s area.

Best GSA SER link lists

Best GSA SER link lists 2


Monthly – $34

6 Months – $167

Yearly – $299

During the first hour of the campaign, I was impressed to see over 1780 successfully verified targets from SER Power Lists. To be honest, I didn’t expect that with any of these services, but I was able to notice such impressive instant results with SER Power Lists.

Verified URLs

As I have mentioned earlier I use links from Verified URLs in SER Power Lists for this review. Though the lists are from the general verified URL folder, SER Power Lists made sure to impress me with great results since the first hour. As you can see it showed 1780 links right at the start and continued to show impressive verified link values throughout the 24 hours.

SER Power LIsts - 24 hours

I can highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking to get a higher VPM with a list service. However, I noticed a caution on SERP, and some of the emails have been blocked. It could probably be the reason for having fewer links. It was sorted when I cleaned the cache and history of the project.

Top Tier URLs

They also provide MOZ PA/DA verified backlinks for their members. In their Top Tier URLs folder, you can find high-quality GSA SER link lists that are suitable for top tier GSA SER campaigns.

Contextual URLs

Contextual link building is very popular among GSA SER users. SER Power Lists allows their users to easily build contextual backlinks with their lists. When I was testing this list, the LPM was between 60-75. Still, it could be due to the performance of the VPS. I will continue this review in the future and will post the results here soon.


  • Two days Refund Policy
  • 95000+ GSA SER verified targets everyday
  • GSA Captcha Breaker verified
  • 100% Unique domains
  • Impressive results during campaigns
  • Sorted For higher MOZ Page Authority & Domain Authority
  • Contextual link list is included


If you are looking for a service that provides identified link lists and also verified link lists, SERPGrow service will be able to provide what you need. You will also find a couple of useful campaign templates that can be very beneficial for Search Engine Ranker Beginners.

This is also a very active seller, and you can even find their sales threads on Black Hat Forum and also on the GSA forum.

Along with the link lists they provide, you will also find useful templates that can be useful for your projects in the member’s area.

SERPGrow - Member's area

Speaking of the link lists they provide, it comes with high-quality link lists that don’t contain any duplicates. Though the sale’s thread mentions that it provides daily verified targets, sometimes you will be getting targets about three times a week. You can drop them a PM and get the issue fixed in a few hours. During the campaigns, I didn’t notice a higher LPM with the links SERPGrow provides.

SERPGrow - 12 hours

I have to mention that the lists of SERPGrow didn’t perform as the above services. But SERPGrow makes sure to outperform many other sellers, which we haven’t mentioned on this list. This might not be one of the best lists that you can use for top tier campaigns. But this would be one of the best GSA SER link lists that you can use on lower-tier campaigns.

Breakdown of the backlinks



One of another service that was launched in 2015. This is also a popular list service among GSA SER users. Speaking of their filtering process of their links, they do not mention any specific details about it. However, their links contain a decent number of DA PA values in their links.

Best GSA SER link lists - SERocket

You will be able to gain access to their member’s area instantly. It seems like everything is well made, and the system is completely automated. But you will not be able to expect as good customer service as the other services.

Best GSA SER link lists

According to their set up guide, this is how they want users to set up the proxy configuration. This is not something I noticed in other services.

Though their lists are rich in quality, it’s not very clear how their filtering process works. It has been a few weeks since I have been subscribing to this service. Sometimes I notice that they don’t send us daily updates and send fresh updates once or twice a week. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the campaigns, though.

While I was running campaigns, I was wondering why don’t use Dropbox to directly send us links. Sometimes Dropbox can cause syncing issues with VPS but still syncing Dropbox folders is the most reliable way to automate backlink import for GSA SER. However, I was not in favor of SERocket’s link list importing method.

SERocket - 24 hours

GSA SER link lists they provide make sure to show off performance above average


Starter Monthly – $39

Premium Monthly – $49

SERocket also provides identified lists for those who are interested in creating their own verified link list. The key specialty of SERocket is their EDU/GOV link list. For this test we only used the verified list category.

Breakdown of the backlinks


  • Fresh Daily Updates
  • Contextual and Non-contextual Link Lists
  • Synced Directly to your GSA via Dropbox
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Best Practises Guide included
  • EDU & GOV Verified Link Lists included
  • 100% Unique domains

Auto Approve Marketplace

Though I did use this service for this experiment, Loopline has been in the SEO industry for many years, and he also provides quality-verified link lists for GSA SER users. The service provider is a very supportive person, and if you pay a visit to Black Hat World or any other SEO related forum, you will be able to find him as Loopline. I used it last year, and it did provide quality links that are suitable for tier 2 campaigns.

Speaking of the service, Auto Approve Marketplace, it used to be active on Black Hat World, but now their thread seems to be closed. But they are very much active on the GSA Forum, and as a member of the Best Black Hat World forum, he is a very helpful member for anyone who needs support with ScrapeBox and GSA softwares.

Blue Box Real Time Sync

This folder contains brand new real-time targets, and it’s been updated every day. It removed dead or broken targets in real-time. It receives updates every day, and GSA SER imports targets directly without a hassle.

Master Lists

Master list updates every ten days, and we have to upload the lists to GSA SER manually.

One Off List

If you are someone who is planning to run GSA SER just for a short time, you can choose Loopline’s One-Off List. It only contains a number of targets that are suitable for one-time usage.

Auto-Approve Verified Lists

Auto-Approve list service is a real-time syncing list package that allows GSA SER to import targets directly without the moderator’s approval.


  • No Trial period or refunds
  • The price is $77 per month.
  • I haven’t specified how they filter links
  • Active on forums and via emails. Chat agents are not available (Or support platforms are not available)

All Links Campaign Review

So I ran the campaign for 12 hours and for 24 hours. Here’s the result I got. I made sure to treat all the projects equally and let GSA SER run independently. As you can see, links from SER Power Lists performed best while SER Verified Lists and SER Links hold the 2nd and the 3rd places when it comes to successful ratio accordingly. SERocket and SERPGrow also have made a decent number of verified backlinks.

If you are someone who is looking for a service for a churn and burn campaign or to get a higher LpM value, I would suggest you to check out SER Power Lists or SER Verified Lists. That doesn’t mean that you should not try the other services as well since these are the best among the best, according to our case study.

The overall champion of this testimonial is SER Verified Lists since that is an all in one service for any GSA SER user. You can get high-quality GSA SER link lists that got higher MOZ values while allowing you to get a higher LPM.

Comparison Charts

Price comparison

GSA SER link lists price comparison

Statistics Comparison

statistics comparison

Discontinued List Services


This used to be one of my personal favorite list providers in the GSA world. But now, they don’t respond to emails/tickets, and as users, we are unable to even claim a refund for the previous months. They completely went offline without notice.

Grint List

This used to be an expensive list service, and now the service provider doesn’t respond to any emails. When I last checked it out, their lists were rich in quality, but it was quite hard to use for the long term due to the heavy price range.


This service used to be one of the most popular list sellers in the industry. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the service now.


I also found some more list providers which are more like start-ups and some sellers with a reputation on forums and other marketing platforms. I have to make it clear that they all failed to meet the basic expectations of a GSA SER verified link list.

To be honest, all the list services that I have mentioned here are very impressive, and you can get something worthy for the price you pay. Of course, it depends on the user and how you use GSA SER for your campaigns. But to cut off the scraping part and the struggle you have to go through with Scrapebox, proxies, and other stuff, simply following one of these list services is really worth it.

Of course, choosing the best list service won’t skyrocket your ranking the next day. GSA Search Engine Ranker is a great tool that is like a knife. Let’s say that you are going to peel off an Apple. With a well-sharpened knife, you can peel off your Apple well and enjoy it. That’s the main purpose behind choosing the best fitting list service for your campaign.

Building contextual backlink is a specific method to bring some extra value to your websites. But it has to be done in a unique way than creating a random campaign. You will have to add quality content (human-made and the spun content is recommended), a good captcha solver, and emails. There are three specific list sellers that you can choose to create your contextual campaign. They are,

  • SER Verified Lists
  • SER Links
  • SER Power Lists

If you are someone who is doing a budget-friendly campaign, I would suggest you choose SER Verified Lists because it is in one service that gives you links to create any campaign according to your need. They also provide GSA SER templates for users. They also share coupons from time to time. Just say hi to their chat agents, and they will give you a coupon.

All the list services I have mentioned here gets the job done. There’s no doubt about it. But when it comes to SEO, it’s not just about money and time. At the end of the, you will learn to save money and time with these techniques. But when you start using these softwares, it’s all about exploring the possibilities and blending in your backlinks across the world wide web with creativity, which is going to take many test campaigns and time.

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Millions of bloggers and website owners earn a recurring cash flow with their affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the top ways to sell products and as well as allows many bloggers, travelers, entrepreneurs to invest and earn money day and night.

 There are thousands of best affiliate programs you can find online. But we are going to pick the best out of the best affiliate programs and open doors for your affiliate marketing journey.

 You can find different types of best affiliate programs all around the internet that can fit your niche. We are going to mention the top paying affiliate programs you can easily sign up for today.

 How to find Best affiliate programs?

An affiliate program is pretty much an agreement that a business agrees to pay another business or a party a commission for driving sales and traffic.

 Each affiliate gets a unique link, which helps the affiliate to track and monitor who drives traffic. When it comes to affiliate programs, the cookie life matters the most because that’s where someone’s data from online activities are saved, and that’s where all the affiliate details are also stored.

 Simply put, if someone decides to click an affiliate link of yours, users’ cookie history will contain the details of your affiliate link to help you receive a commission or help the affiliate to track and identify where the traffic comes from.

Amazon Associates

 You should probably have heard about the Amazon affiliate program already. It is one of the largest online stores, which includes almost anything you are interested in purchasing. Amazon Associates is quite popular among marketers. Their commission rate starts from 1% to 10%. The key benefit of being an Amazon Associate is that many people are aware of the company, and you don’t have to put much effort into giving an introduction to your target audience. Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs that everyone should be joined in.

Amazon Associates - best affiliate programs


 BeRush is the affiliate program that was pioneered by SEMRush. SEMRush is a leading SEO related tools and software development company which allows online communities to level up their online game. This affiliate program allows users to receive up to 40% lifetime recurring commission during sales. This becomes one of the best affiliate programs because they offer a 10-years cookie life through their affiliate program.

 If any of your referred users decides to discontinue a subscription and resubscribe within 10 years’ time, you will still be able to receive the commission after the first subscription.

 You can find SEMRush promotional materials in different languages for your convenience. You can simply sign up and get started with your affiliate program today.

BeRush - best affiliate programs

 eBay Partner Network

 eBay is also one of the leading online stores which also initiated an affiliate marketing network. Currently, it’s packed with billions of products that anyone can choose from. They offer an amazing commission through an auction fee. But the cookie life is quiet less; it only has 24 hours. 

eBay Partner Network - best affiliate programs


 Lately, dropshipping became very trendy in online communities. If you are someone who is interested in taking your dropshipping project to another level, we highly recommend you to get signed up with the Spocket. They provide between 20% to 30% discount for affiliate subscribers. It is a rich database filled with dropshipping suppliers, wholesalers, distributors in Europe and the US. You can pretty much have all the marketing materials and tools that can be very useful for marketing as well. 

Spocket - best affiliate programs


 Teachable is a leading online platform where you can sell online courses as a teacher or join as a student to learn pretty much anything you are interested in learning. This is a very reputable online platform, which is also one of the top paying affiliate programs. Teachable provides a 30% commission for affiliates, which comes with recurring subscriptions. This could be one of the best affiliate programs you can join if you are into education niches.

Teachable - best affiliate programs


 Shopify is pretty much the leader in Dropshipping. This is one of the high paying affiliate programs in the market that includes pretty much everything you need to start your online store. If your audience is into e-commerce and online stores, this would be a great affiliate program that you can join in. The best thing is that you will find that certain affiliates have the room to earn 200% commission through their affiliate programs. You can join the Shopify affiliate army completely for free.

Shopify - best affiliate programs


 Volusion also has initiated other top paying affiliate programs for online businesses. It is an e-commerce solution provider. They are capable of supporting you to build your eCommerce store with almost every step that you come across. Volusion also comes with a 200% commission for certain referrals.

Volusion - best affiliate programs


 HubSpot was initiated under one goal. Which is to give a hand to those who in need in the online community. It comes with a supportive team that is experienced in marketing, sales, and softwares that can help your business grow. As an affiliate, you can also take part in their sales. You will be able to get a commission according to the product tier. Their affiliate cookie life comes with 90 days, which can be a great benefit for any affiliate out there.

HubSpot - best affiliate programs

 Constant Contact

 If your target audience has a lot of marketers, Constant Contact will be able to satisfy your audience with unique email marketing tools for business startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. This service allows affiliates to earn commission starting from $5. The cookie life of this service remains 120 days.

Constant Contact - Constant Contact


 Transferwise is an international money exchange method that allows users to transfer money across the world fast. They have coverage in 80 countries, and they currently got over 8 million users on board. If you have an audience who is looking for money transferring methods over time, you will be able to become an affiliate of Transferwise. The commission depends on your performance, and if you were able to make a number of subscribers, you would be able to earn a decent commission.

Transferwise - best affiliate programs


There are hundreds of high paying affiliate programs around the world. According to our research, these programs are the best affiliate programs that any beginner can easily get started with. Let us know what your favorite affiliate programs with the reasons are. We would love to know what type of programs you are getting engaged with.


What’s the Best Proxy Server for GSA SER? Find out today!

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a great tool that can bring you various benefits for your online platforms. But if you use it with poor quality resources or without the proper knowledge, it may bring you negative results. So we are here to discuss the Best proxy server for GSA SER that you can use to gear up your GSA SER projects.

Choosing the best proxy server for GSA SER is the best decision you could take when using GSA Search Engine Ranker. It will allow you to run all your projects efficiently while making your link building strategy more powerful.

What is a proxy server?

The proxy server works as the middleman from the device you use to access the internet to the destination you wish to access. Proxy servers come with an IP, and when speaking of the Best Proxy Server for GSA SER, it helps the tool to use proxies and create accounts and post backlinks through different IPs as provided.

What is the Best Proxy Server for GSA SER?

There are different types of proxies that you will find out there. It’s nearly impossible to use any proxy you find on your GSA Search Engine Ranker projects. There was a time that public proxies were able to bring results with GSA SER campaigns. But now it is essential to use quality private proxies for your campaigns. When it comes to private proxies, you can find dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated proxies. You gain complete authority when purchasing dedicated proxies. But when you purchase semi-dedicated proxies, they generally are shared with multiple users. So the results can be very dependable.

We are here to speak about the best proxy server for GSA SER. Choosing dedicated proxies rather than semi-dedicated proxies will bring you better results. Either way, if you are still new to GSA Search Engine Ranker, semi-dedicated proxies can also become a right choice until you get the hang of the GSA Search Engine Ranker.


Best Proxy Server for GSA SER

Blazing Proxies

Blazing Proxies - Best Proxy Server for GSA SER Blazing Proxies are the main GSA Search Engine ranker providers who dominate the GSA SER proxy server world. Many GSA users use blazing proxies for their day to day GSA activities. They also provide quality proxies for a very budget-friendly price range. You will notice a drastic speed through the proxies you can purchase through Blazing proxies. The best feature I noticed with Blazing Proxies is that they provide rotative proxies that automatically replace saturated proxies with new once. You will be able to find proxies form HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies through this provider. Due to these reasons, Blazing Proxies are one of the best proxy servers for GSA SER.

Green Cloud Proxies

Green Cloud Proxies - Best Proxy Server for GSA SER

Our second best proxy server for GSA SER is Green Cloud Proxies. They are most popular for super fast proxies that help GSA Search Engine Ranker to save time. You will not be able to get the rotating proxy feature with Green Cloud Proxies yet; their speed will make your jaw drop. If you have any doubts or issues with them, you can easily contact a live agent through their website. Their main locations are from the USA and European countries. Your proxy carvings will be fulfilled with HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies.

Buy Proxies

Buy Proxies - Best Proxy Server for GSA SER

Buy Proxies become one of the best proxy servers for GSA SER because they provide GSA Search Engine Ranker proxy format friendly proxies. They also provide proxies from multiple countries that can help your GSA SER campaigns look more natural. They also don’t have an auto-rotating system. However, you can simply add new proxies with the saturated once with a ticket.

Buy Proxies have been in the industry over many years, and until this day, many GSA SER users use Buy Proxies because they believe that this is one of the best proxy servers for GSA SER.

Solid SEO Proxies

Solid SEO Proxies - Best Proxy Server for GSA SER

Another popular proxy server provider GSA SER is Solid SEO Proxies. This can be a highly recommended proxy server because they provide complete refund policy if they are unable to what’s promised. Their proxies are quite fast, and they also come in a GSA Search Engine Ranker proxy format friendly set up. Their team is also active, and if you come across with any issues with their service, they make sure to solve them fast. You will be able to get HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies with Solid SEO Proxies membership as well. Due to those reasons, this service is also in our Best Proxy Server for GSA SER list.


Choosing the right and the best proxy server for GSA SER will help you to gear up your project efficiency. There are many so-called best proxy servers for GSA SER but make sure to do your research and choose the best server that fits best for your campaigns. I hope you find this article useful for your work.


Free and the best EMail providers - timminsgoldminetours

8 Free & The Best Email Providers – Upgrade your Emails for FREE!

When was the last time that a postman brought you a letter? Time has changed a lot of things, and all the communication methods have been digitized. Now we live in an era where emails only take just a few seconds to deliver. Now, creating an email even only takes just a few minutes. We are here to learn about the best email providers that are in the online world. I’m sure that you will find a few providers that you haven’t heard before.


Best Email Providers - timminsgoldminetour

One of the largest service providers in the online world is Google, and their free email service is known as Gmail. It was first launched in 2004, and now it has billions of users around the globe.

It comes with a unique and simple interface that allows the user to use attractive themes. Most android users prefer using Gmail because it makes their daily tasks easy with Android mobiles and desktops.

Gmail basically can make anyone’s life easier because it integrates with almost all the other Google services such as Google Maps, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Photos, etc. It only comes with 15GB of free space, and you can extend your storage with a budget-friendly package.

Gmail got you covered pretty much with everything you could expect from the best email providers. A simple email you got by Gmail will help you to come across many daily tasks while giving you a smooth and fast experience. If you are someone who uses the G Suite, you should know what I’m talking about.


If you are someone who takes privacy seriously, ProtonMail will be able to become your ideal and one of the best email providers that you can find. It is a Swiss-based email client that is packed with many security levels while providing a smooth transaction between your emails.

However, this comes with many restrictions. It only allows you to reserve 500MB while adding limitations only for 150 emails per day. Even though it’s considered as a free email service, many users say that the features that they allow for the free version isn’t really plentiful.

Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo was one of the best email providers during the earliest 21st century. It rarely spikes up with good deeds with the online community nowadays, but the recent update with the attractive design is highly appreciated.

You will find that Yahoo features help you to merge your email account with social media such as Facebook and allow you to access SMS and text messages. What’s unique with Yahoo is that it will enable you to produce disposable emails to help the user to avoid spam emails and protect their accounts.

The best thing I have noticed with Yahoo is that you get 1TB of email storage. If you are using your email only for common purposes, this storage will be more than enough to use forever.


If 1TB doesn’t seem to satisfy your needs, AOL will be one of the best email providers for your needs because it provides unlimited storage. This US-based email client brings you a classic look with the email interface. It also holds a strong virus and other third party threat protection.

AOL also allows you to send text messages through the email. If you are someone who wants to share email conversations often, AOL allows you to easily export them in CSV and TXT files for your convenience. This is not something many email clients allow you to do.


The outlook is Microsoft’s email client that most of us are familiar with. Even though many people decide not to use Outlook, recently, Microsoft has upgraded its Outlook email client features. Along with the new simple look, it allows you to keep your social life connected by allowing you to access Skype and Facebook on the same platform.

Microsoft’s storage client is OneDrive, and you will find it easier to integrate with OneDrive. Your mailbox will only allow 15GB of storage that many of the users find it more than enough to get the tasks done.


Zoho is an email client that is not popular among many people across the world. It is on the list of the best email providers because Zoho has been considered as one of the best email providers for small businesses. It comes with a user-friendly interface, just like any other email client.

If you have to manage many email conversations at once, Zoho will help you to manage them all at once through the cloud-based managing system.

What makes it unique is that it helps you to customize your domain name with 25 email addresses. You can get 5GBs of storage with the extension available upon request.

iCloud Mail

This must be one of the most familiar email clients for Mac and iPhone users. iCloud is one of the best email providers because it is simple and has a smooth transition. It only allows you to have 5GB of space, which is shared among your other applicants and media files. Of course, you can extend your storage capacity.

Apple gives you an easy way to integrate with emails through the iPhone and the Mac while providing a fast syncing system.

Yandex Mail

If you are from a European country, you may not have heard this Yandex Mail, but it’s quite popular in Russia as it is also the mother country of Yandex. It gives the user an all-in-one experience while allowing you to access Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts on the same platform.

You get up to 10GB storage, and you can extend the storage anytime.


So here’s the list of the best email providers in today’s online world that you can use. While Gmail is the most popular email client at the moment, other email providers also bring you different unique features, which is what really brings them to the best email providers list. So feel free to check them out as all of them come with free versions.

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5 Best Antivirus Softwares in 2020 - Timmins Gold Mine Tour

5 Best Antivirus Softwares in 2020

The online world is a wonderful place to explore. Yet, it could bring harmful viruses and other threats that can ruin all your work and sometimes your bank accounts. Most devices and online platforms use their own encryption methods and different unique ways to protect users. But this story is quite different when it comes to Windows users. So we decided to bring you a list of best antivirus softwares that you can use in 2020.

There are viruses, adware, spyware, ransomware, and worms that can change different settings and tools in your pc and monitor your computer activities. Also, these threats, such as ransomware have the ability to disable your computer completely until you pay a fee to unlock it.

Using one of the best antivirus softwares will help you stay out of these threads and set free your keyboard and the mouse while working with the PC. There are several premium antivirus programs and also free programs that you can choose from. Here’s the list of best antivirus programs that you can choose and install on your Windows PC.


Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

Norton Antivirus has always been in every best antivirus softwares selection. Norton takes pride in protecting thousands of computers over the years, and now they provide a range of antivirus services specified for general users, online users, and gamers. It also includes a password manager for web browsers. You can use Norton on almost any device. They use cutting edge technology to provide necessary protection against the latest cyber threats.

Other Norton antivirus services come with different names and variations. They have a few unique features that are specifically created for the betterments of online tasks and games.

This becomes our top pick in the list of best antivirus softwares because it’s quite powerful and it’s one of the most user-friendly antivirus softwares in the market today.


Bitdefender Total Security 2020

BitDefender is one of the most popular cybersecurity software, especially among people who are very active online. They provide a wide range of features that allows users to save passwords, add parental control, tune-up features, and VPN facilities. They make sure to provide top-notch service with all the features that they provide.

BitDefender usually comes with a budget-friendly price range that allows you to pick the best fit according to your needs. They have been awarded for the ‘Product of the year’ for the past decade by AV-Test.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2020

Kaspersky has been providing successful and very powerful antivirus software throughout the past decade. During recent years, Moscow based Kaspersky Lab went through a bit of security-related issues against the US government. But it did not fail to maintain the trust between it’s long term customers and the company.

However, Kaspersky is still one of the best antivirus softwares as it shows it’s capabilities when it meets the latest viruses and other cyber threats.

Some users claim that the software consumes a lot of resources when running the software. Due to the strong real-time protection, you may notice a delay on web browsing and while opening applications.

Kaspersky usually shares discounts among online platforms. It is always better to check up on some online forums and on the official website if you are planning to purchase the software.


Microsoft Windows Defender

Windows Defender comes as a free antivirus for all the windows users. It won’t be just right if you think that it’s just a light antivirus software as it has the ability to work as a strong anti-threat shield on any Windows PC.

It has the complete ability to provide the necessary protection when using Microsoft Edge. However, Windows defender has failed to provide necessary protection for third parties web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, which shows certain loopholes of Windows Defender.

This can be one of the best antivirus softwares for any Windows user as it also comes for free. But if you have any kids who tend to randomly click on websites, this may not be an ideal choice for your PC.


McAfee Total Security

Even though McAfee looks like lightweight software, it does monitor almost all the online and offline activities and provides total protection for all the tasks performed by the user and the PC itself.

McAfee has been highly recommended for those who are looking for the best antivirus softwares for the whole family. It is capable of working on almost any operating system, and it makes McAfee as ideal antivirus software for the whole family.

It provides parental control and features that allow the user safe browsing experience.



We decided to add AVG in our best antivirus softwares not only because it’s free, but also because of the excellent ability to fight against viruses and other threats that can harm your devices. This is a unique software because it allows users to use AVG along with any other antivirus software while using the AVG software. If you ever come across a thought to use two antivirus softwares, This would be your perfect fit for one.

You may notice a small lag when AVG is busy with a strong scan and when you access the internet. But as overall, this will not make your PC dramatically show.



We save a lot of valuable information, softwares, and data on our digital devices and it is essential to ensure the safety of them with one of the best antivirus softwares. You might always keep your eye on what you do, but a simple mistaken click can put your device in danger. So here is our list of the best antivirus softwares that you can use on any device you use.

If you have any kids who are using Pc’s or mobile devices, it would be wise to add antivirus software that provides parental control features. It will benefit your child and as well as the device.

We are unable to specifically mention that this would be the best fit for your PC. Feel free to do a bit of research on the softwares that are not mentioned on this list as well before choosing your digital threat defender.

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8 Best Captcha Providers in 2020

You must have come across moments where you got to pick certain letters, numbers, or symbols to prove that you are human. They are known as captchas, and they are designed to keep bots and programs away from adding funny comments and other stuff on these platforms. Web developers include captchas to ensure that the websites are being used only by humans.
However, Every story has two sides. While there are companies that create advanced captchas to keep bots and computers away, there are several companies that try to create programs and other advanced methods to overcome captcha tasks. We are going to talk about the best captcha solvers that you can find in the online world. Let’s find out what are the best captcha providers in the market today.

Types of Captcha Solving services

Human-based Captcha Solving Services

Human-based captcha solving services are the services that are based on human solved captchas. They generally hire people to solve captchas in an accurate and fast manner. There are also online jobs available for those who like to work as a captcha solver. Human-based captcha solving services can be pricey as it works with an actual human behind.

OCR Services

OCR services are known as Optical Character Recognition services that track the characters and symbols via a program and solve itself. Many companies create OCR services that can solve captchas but none of them comes with a higher success ratio like human based captcha solving services. These services require constant updates to ensure that the service is working properly.

8 Best Captcha Providers in 2020 - Timmings Gold Mine Tour


Best Captcha Providers

Human-based Captcha Solving Services


Anti-Captcha has been successfully providing captcha solving services to the online world since 2007. During recent days, they became quite popular among people who are into black hat techniques because of the fast and accurate service they provide. They generally take just 7-8 seconds to solve a captcha and ensure a success ratio of 99.99%. Anti-captcha has the capability to solve any captcha from image captchas, Recaptcha to fun captchas.

Its price range is based on the captchas and starts from $.60 to $2 per set of 1000 captchas.


2Captcha is also one of the best human based captcha solving services. It can solve captchas in less than 12 seconds. The best feature I have noticed with 2Captcha is that they accept captchas from multiple languages. If you can visit their official website, you will be able to see that their service is supported on Python, PHP, JS, Go, C#, and on Ruby. You can also integrate this service with tools such as RankerX, GSA services, Money Robot and SEO Autopilot Software, etc. The price range also can be vary depending on the captcha type. It generally costs between $.50 to $3 per set of 1000 captchas.


EndCaptcha has been in the captcha solving industry for over five years. This is one of the fastest captcha solving services out there that provides slowness insurance. However, you will not be able to find any small scale packages as they are focused on bulk packages. Their price range starts from $11.99 for 3000 captchas. This service can be a fit for you because they are concerned about the quantity. You will be able to get free captcha credits if you can simply visit their official website.

OCR Services

XEvil (Antigate)

XEvil is advanced software that has the capability to identify captcha text, symbols, and images and solve them by itself. It is an advanced OCR service that requires a powerful pc or a VPS to run and perform well. According to current users, it is recommended to have an 8-10 core processor with 32GB RAM or above to get better results. Once set up the software on a powerful setup, you will be able to solve captchas under 1-2 seconds. It comes as a one time purchase and free unlimited updates. However, you will have to invest your money on a powerful setup and for proxies. XEvil comes as the captcha solving plugin for RankerX. Yet, you can use this tool along with other software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker.


CapMonster is an OCR service that provides a simple interface to solve captchas faster. It has the ability to solve SolveMedia, KeyCaptcha, VKontakte, BotDetect, Google Words, ReCaptcha Words, Yandex, and HotMail captchas at a higher accuracy rate. The software itself recognizes the captcha and solves itself. CapMonster has been in the SEO industry for over 10 years, and they have gained the satisfaction of a very large community. CapMonster comes in yearly subscriptions, and the price range starts from $37.

GSA Captcha Breaker

GSA is a software company that is situated in Germany. They create SEO related software, and they have designed an automated tool that can solve captchas. This software is mainly designed to integrate with GSA related software. However, you can use it along with any other SEO related software as well. While it has the ability to solve an average number of captchas, it finds it hard to solve advanced captchas such as reCaptcha V3 and reCaptcha Enterprise etc. As this comes with a one-time purchase and with unlimited updates, this could be a great choice for budget-friendly projects.

You can learn more about the GSA Captcha Breaker through the video below.

Captcha Sniper

Captcha Sniper is also an OCR based software that can be used with many SEO related tools such as GSA SER, ScrapeBox, No Hands SEO, SEnuke, iMacros, and API. It is also an ideal option for those who prefer automation. It comes as a one-time purchase only with $57 and with lifetime free updates. This also can be a good choice for those who wish to cut down the captcha solving costs.


DeathByCaptcha is also an OCR based captcha solving system that generally has a 90% success ratio. You will find your captchas being solved under 11 seconds, and it can be easily integrated with SEO tools such as GSA. DeathByCaptcha supports ReCaptcha V2, and it may not be capable of solving advanced Captchas. You will find that it is capable of solving captchas in English, Russian, and Chinese.


As you can see, there are different types of captcha solvers that you can choose according to your needs. You can find 100% human-based captcha solving services and also 100% automated services. Using software-based services may sound like it comes in a handy price range, software like XEvil may require advanced hardware and quality proxies. You can always choose a human-based captcha solver, but it usually takes some time to solve each captcha. When it comes to general-purpose captcha solvers such as GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper, you will be able to resolve general captchas but not advanced captchas. They can save a lot of $$ in hand, though. So I hope you will choose the best captcha provider according to your needs. I will see you with another post next week.

SpamZilla - Hands on Review

SpamZilla | The Hands-on Review and everything you need to know

You must be aware of the value that comes with expired domains. Or perhaps, you are interested in buying an expired domain that has actual value in it. However, you have come across SpamZilla, and Yes, it is one of the best ways to find an expired domain that has value in it. So let’s get into the facts.

There are a few tools that you can use to find expired domains, such as Domain Hunter Gatherer and Spamzilla. Today, we are going to talk about Spamzilla, which is the best web-based tool that allows you to mine expired domains.

What are the benefits of expired domains?

It already comes with a value

Instead of buying a brand new website, a used domain usually comes with a number of backlinks and some added SEO value in it. But must check with a tool like Spamzilla before purchasing them because there are lots of websites that has negative value-added in them.

Helps you to get a heads up

It’s not an easy task to get a brand-new website indexed and get going with SERP, especially with the recent Google updates. Starting off with a domain that already has backlinks and perhaps traffic will help you to skip many barriers like, how to index a website, etc. and get going with your workflow.

Direct traffic to your money sites

If you find an expired domain that already has traffic, you can simply direct that traffic into your website. Or else you can let it pass link juice to any website you wish.

What can SpamZilla do?

Well… this is going to be a long answer. Basically, What SpamZilla does is help you mine expired domains and the ones that are about to expire. They have a huge database of links and data that help users to identify and check the SEO value of expired domains.

The most important feature that SpamZilla provides is the filter system that allows you to pick the best and the most suitable expired domains by filtering out the spammed domains.

Let’s dig into further details about the filters in SpamZilla.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

With the search bar, you can easily search on a keyword and check available domains that you can purchase. If you have a list of domains that you would like to process and check details with Spamzilla, you can do it here. The other main part of SpamZilla is the filters section.

SmapZilla Filters

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

One of the main parts of this tool is the filter section that we can use when looking for domains. Most of the sections must be familiar to you if you have been in SEO for some time. You can simply tweak and add, Major TLDs and Country TLDs and get started. Also, they offer other SEO tool filters such as MOZ, SpamZilla, Majestic, and SEMrush. You may not be able to use Ahrefs features now. They used to allow us to directly use Ahrefs filters directly along with other filters. But now we have to add our Ahrefs account to use this feature.
After adding the filters, you will be able to see a number of expired or about to expire domains. You can surf and pick domains here. The sections of this table can be very useful in picking the most suitable domains.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

A brief explanation about the sections

Source – You can check the location domain was imported from.

TF –  You can check the Majestic Trust Flow here.

CF – You can check the Majestic Citation Flow here.

Maj BL – Number of Majestic Backlinks.

Maj RD – Number of Majestic Referring domains.

Maj Topics – Majestic Topical Trust Flow.

Maj Lang – Majestic Languages.

Site Lang – Site Languages.

Moz DA – You can check the Moz Domain Authority.

Moz PA – You can check the Moz Page Authority.

Age – The age of the Domain. This shows the age that can be calculated from

SZ Score – This shows the SpamZilla Score.

SZ Redirects – You can find the number of 301/302 redirects found on the domain history.

SZ Parked – The number of domain parking pages found in the domain can be seen here.

SZ A/History – You can see the active years of the domain with a live website.

SZ Drops – The number of Domain drops recorded can be seen here.

Google Index – You can see the number of pages indexed in this website.

Out Links Internal – Number of internal links that’s been placed.

Out Domains External – Number of external links that have been placed.

SEMTraf – You can check the SEMrush Traffic Flow here.

SEM Rank – Shows the SEMRush rank.

SEM KW – Number of SEMRush keywords that domain ranks for.

Alexa Rank – You can check the domain rank in Alexa.

Price – Previous price recorded when Spamzilla first noticed.

Expires – Availability of the Domain.

Alexa/C – Website country.

If you click the SZ Score of each domain, you will be able to find more details about the domain such as screenshots from and, SpamZilla score, further details about backlinks, Link history, Anchors, Redirects, Word count, Majestic information, Drops, Indexed URL details, Language history, and the WHOIS History.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

Other Features

There are a few other features that SmapZilla can offer. When you go to the tools, you will be able to see a few more features such as, Spam Checker, WayBack Export, WHOIS Tool, Registrar Compare, Index Checker, Duplicate Checker, and SERP Checker. I have been using these features from time to time when purchasing domains. But sometimes I don’t see certain results in 100% accuracy. So I make sure to crosscheck these details with another platform.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour



You will be able to check pretty much all the details of an expired domain that you are planning to purchase via SpamZilla. But it is always better to cross-check with another tool because sometimes I notice small differences with the data provided. They are not major once. Just mild differences.

Hands down, this is the best tool that you can use if you are planning to step up your SEO game with PBNs and expired domains.

Also, click here if you like to check out our comparison between SEMRush and MOZ that can be useful for your work.

5 Best Proxy Server | Is it Genuinely Safe to Use?

It is quite fascinating how the world wide web works. There are millions of websites that we can access every day, and there are many websites that we need to avoid. Also, there is a group of websites that wish to access, but we don’t want any of our personal information revealed. Sometimes, we need to use alternative options like proxy servers to access such websites. So what is the best free proxy server really! Let’s find out about the best proxy servers that can save your privacy during web browsing.

It is not always possible to install a proxy server client in our computers or other devices for all the reasons that we wish to visit these websites. If you have a specific platform or a website that you have to visit regularly, keeping a proxy server client on our device or on the browser that we use to access the web will save time and make the browsing experience easier.

But after all, what is a proxy server? Are they genuinely safe to use? Your mind must have crossed these questions while or before a proxy server. We are going to flip sides of those so-called best proxy servers and let you know the truth behind them. You will also be able to find out the best proxy servers you can find online, including free proxy servers.

How does a proxy server work?

The device you use to access the internet has a unique code, which is known as Internet Protocol (IP). It’s like the address of your house. It’s unique from any other internet user device, and it’s used to exchange data and information across the internet to your device. 

When you use a proxy server, it works as a middleman in between the website you access and the device you use. Proxy servers will cooperate with the website on behalf of you to provide the data, media, and information you seek. It will allow you to access the websites without revealing any personal IP addresses.

What are the benefits of using a proxy server?

Security and Safety

Using a proxy server will help you to save your identity from the world wide web. The latest proxy server providers include upgraded firewalls to ensure the safety of the users to filter the data translation to avoid unwanted threats like viruses, malware, and adware, etc. Using a trusted proxy server will help the user to have a clean browsing experience that is also safe. Using one of the best proxy servers that are recognized will help you to stay safe in the internet world.

Avoid Filter

If the company or the region has added any filters that can affect your browsing experience, using a proxy server will allow you to skip these filters and access the websites that are allowed to the outside world.

Monitor and filter the traffic

Specific proxy servers allow you to monitor the traffic that is being exchanged through the server. Adding a proxy client to a device will allow you to monitor the websites that device or devices are being accessed. You can also include any filters as well. Best proxy servers that are available today can be a very helpful feature to protect children from the outside web.

What is the free best proxy server -timminsgoldminetour

What is the best free proxy server?

You will be able to find many free and paid proxy servers on the internet. Generally, best proxy servers that are free to use come as short term plans. You will be able to find a handful of free proxy servers that are safe to use. There are certain things that you need to check before using a free proxy server because it is a tricky task to pick a free & the best proxy servers from the web at once.

The most important fact that you need to check on a free proxy server is the number of available servers. Best proxy servers allow the user to pick servers from across the world while the best proxy server providers only allow a limited number of servers to use.

Best proxy servers tend to provide a service that has higher security standards. You will be able to encrypt your data and URLs you access through the proxy server and also let you add other protective shields to keep specific sensitive details safe.

So when looking for a free proxy server, it’s better if you can look into these details, and if you can get these features included in your free proxy server, you will be able to have a safe and better browsing experience.

Best proxy servers that are free



The best proxy server that you will find on this list is MegaProxy. It has been providing proxy solutions for the internet world over 20 years and is still active and provides a fast and smooth service to users. Even though it doesn’t allow you to choose any servers, it will automatically assign your session to the most suitable server to provide you better user experience. By far, this is one of the fastest proxy servers I have noticed with very little downtime. You will be able to customize the privacy and security settings, unlike any other free proxy server provider.


Instead of calling Kproxy the best & free proxy server, it would be accurate to say that it has successfully provided proxy solutions to most of the proxy users in the world. Kproxy is one of the most widely used free proxy providers on the internet and yes, it is considered as one of the best proxy servers in the world. You will have about 10 server choices to choose from. You can easily download the Chrome and Firefox extensions from the official website. These servers will let you use the internet without any restrictions and highly recommended use as a 100% free proxy server. is also a popular & free proxy server provider that you can easily gain access to. As a free user, you can choose any server from the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA to access the internet. However, paid users are eligible to use a wider range of servers. becomes one of the best proxy servers because it does not save any data or information from your end or any information that you browse. They assure you that your browsing experience is highly secured. You can also download their browser extensions to prevent WebRTC leaks.


If you prefer having plenty of server choices to use when browsing the internet, ProxySite will be able to provide a free proxy service. They provide over 25 free proxy servers from the USA and across Europe. The best thing is that you can simply change the server while exploring websites and even check what suits best for you. And also, it allows you to tweak the settings such as cookies and scripts. Many users recommend ProxySite as one of the best proxy servers to access youtube.


Hidester is another proxy provider that has server locations from the USA and Europe, just like ProxySite. Unlike ProxySite, Hidester does not allow you to choose your desired server. You can only choose the location, and the site will automatically provide you a suitable server. You can encrypt URLs and allow or disable cookies and scripts according to your preference. However, you can access other servers from different countries if you are planning to use their paid version.


If you are using a paid service, most likely, you will receive a rich browsing experience that is high in security standards and the overall speed. Using the best proxy server as mentioned above will help you to stay hidden and anonymous for a certain time. If you are planning to use proxy servers for a longer period of time, it’s best to use a paid service instead of free proxy servers. We would highly recommend you not to insert any sensitive details such as credit card details and passwords if you are using a proxy service that doesn’t have a good reputation.

To the question of what is the best free proxy server, the answer can be very dependable due to many reasons. As these servers are completely free to use, many users might already be using them, and it might affect the browsing speed. Sometimes you will have to tweak certain settings to get the best performance of specific websites.

Most free proxy servers do not allow you to explore video-based platforms because it requires a larger bandwidth. It can be a tricky task to find a good free proxy server that allows you to surf youtube, Netflix, and other video platforms.

SEO Content Machine Reviews

Must Read SEO Content Machine Reviews Before Buying!

SEO Content Machine Reviews

Creating content for your websites and blogs can be challenging to create quality articles. It also can consume a lot of time and sometimes you will have to hire someone specifically for content writing. You may find it as a nearly impossible task to create a larger amount of content that you need on your SEO campaigns. We are here to speak about software that is mainly developed for SEO content-generating purposes.

This post is about SEO Content Machine reviews that can create content that can fulfill your SEO related requirements.

Heads Up

SEO Content Machine is one of the most popular and also powerful content generating software. Many online marketers and SEO experts. You must have heard about link building software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, Ranker X, and Xrumer. To provide quality content to support those tools to create backlinks with rich content, people tend to use powerful content-generating software. SEO Content Machine is clearly ahead of this game, and we are here to talk about the features it includes SEO Content Machine Reviews for each feature.

Key features

Generating Content

Article Creator - SEO Content Machine Reviews

Obviously! The primary purpose of this tool is to generate articles. You can let the software pick resources online or offline. Also, it has the ability to enrich those content with images and videos easily.

This tool allows us to customize almost anything on the articles to be created. We can choose the number of paragraphs, quality of the content, word count, and also we can adjust the involvement of images, videos, and other external links.

Yes, it sounds like a complicated process, but with the simple and user-friendly design, you will be able to do it in just a few minutes.

You can simply include any article spinners such as WordAi, SpinRewriter, Spinner Chief, or Chimp Rewriter to the SEO Content Machine. It will help you create very unique content.

You can learn more about article spinners on our post, Best Spin Rewriter Review.

Article Translator

This is one of the key features I have to mention in the SEO Content Machine Reviews. You can convert any western-based language including German, French, Spanish and many other languages. You will not have to pick each article and run through Google translator or any other third-party translator to do this job. You will be able to do it in SEO Content Machine itself faster.

Article Scraper

Article scraper allows you to scrape articles from anywhere on the internet while allowing you to set customized targets for scraping.

Image Scraper

This software is capable of scraping any relevant images and using them on the content that you create. This can be a handy feature when working on a project that has a particular niche.

WordPress friendly

You can let the SEO Content Machine directly post the articles that it creates on WordPress websites instantly. This can be very helpful for those who have many WordPress platforms, and this will make it easier to manage all the content.

If you are friendlier with backlink creating software such as RankerX, you should know that this can be done via such tools as well. But when it comes to the SEO Content Machine, you can do it easily within a few clicks or just automate and let SEO Content Machine do the job.

Schedule Posting

For the websites that have an engaging audience, it is essential to schedule posts to reach a higher number of viewers possible. You can use this feature to schedule and organize posts of your websites, PBN sites, and save time in BIG.

Supported SEO Softwares

One of the primary purposes of writing this SEO Content Machine review is to let you know the main software that you can integrate this software with. With the customizable templates, it can provide content for these softwares,

  • Ranker X
  • Senuke
  • SEO Autopilot
  • Zennoposter
  • Magic Submitter
  • TurboWeb2.0 Submitter & more…

The real quality of SEO Content Machine Articles

It is no secret that we all are looking for ways to mass create articles to put up on our top tier campaigns. The bitter truth is that there is no tool that can be original and creative when creating articles as much as a human. Having said that, SEO Content Machine reviews explain that the quality of the content is higher, and it can even be improved with other plugins. Using software-generated yet quality content on your projects will be helpful to stay ahead of the game for a longer time.

Along with the SEO Content Machine reviews, I can recommend you to use an article spinner such as WordAi to make your content much unique before posting them. You will most likely be able to use them on Tier 1 projects. You will have no issues when using them on Tier 2 and 3 projects.

Web 2.0 Content

You can use SEO Content Machine to create articles for your Web 2.0 sites. It will give you quality content without a doubt. However, you need to make sure to use the same IP and credentials to log in to ensure that they stay on the sites for a longer period.


With user-friendly yet powerful compatibilities, SEO Content Machine will help you save a lot of time while integrating with other software to improve the efficiency of your projects. Their main competitor is Kontent Machine, and it would be a good idea to check further information about that product also before going ahead with the SEO Content Machine. We did not mention any in-depth details about its competitors because this post is highly focused on SEO Content Machine reviews.

SEO Content Machine comes with a flexible price plan. You can get it for $27/Mo if you are a short term user and also, they offer the SEO Content Machine Lifetime License for $147. They also provide a 5 days free trial without any limitations. You can use this trial to try out all the features of the SEO Content Machine.

The bottom line, once you purchase the SEO Content Machine, spend some time on learning about the software and how to use keywords. Figure out where you wish to scrape content and then let SEO Content Machine scrape articles from these specific locations.

If you are planning to be a heavy user, it is best to keep some extra proxies in hand. Don’t forget to check out their blog, which is packed with useful posts that can help you increase overall SEO skills.

I hope this SEO Content Machine review is useful. Once you set up the software according to your preferences, you will be able to instantly create content that is ready to post on your blogs and other websites.

how to choose the best GSA SER list

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best GSA SER List

Choosing the right list provider that scrape quality backlinks will take our GSA Search Engine Ranker projects to another level. Due to this reason, many people decide to scrape their own links with a scraper like Scrapebox. But it is not an easy task. Scraping process takes a lot of time and requires a whole set of things like a powerful VPS and proxies, etc.

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a powerful tool that allows us to do wonders while creating backlinks. I know you are reading this because you have purchased the GSA SER and probably have issues when running it at its best performance. In case if you are still wondering whether you should buy GSA Search Engine Ranker, you can check this review out.

Buying the tools itself will not solve all the problems, and it needs extra few things like a captcha solver, emails, proxies, and, most importantly GSA SER lists. When you simply have a look around or on the GSA forum, you will see many GSA SER list providers trying to sell links. But how do we choose the right list for our project? Are those lists rich in quality? What if they are scammers? It is so obvious that these questions run in your head when choosing a list service. So did mine. I have tried all those GSA SER list providers almost every marketplace and forum. Now I’m here to help you choose the best GSA SER list provider for your campaign.

Here are the leading list providers that I have used over the years. Generally, they are all scraped and verified under one purpose, and there are certain differences with each list provider. I will mention them along the way.

Things to consider before choosing a GSA SER List provider

Number of Users

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing the best GSA SER list provider is the number of people using it. The lists may be the best in the whole online world but, if they are selling the link lists to many people across the internet, the lists will lose quality soon.

The honest truth is that it is best if you are the only person who uses that service. But it is not entirely practical to find a list that is specifically made only for you. So you have to choose a list provider that only provides GSA SER lists to a limited number of users. It will avoid your valuable backlinks being saturated.

Around the clock monitorization

Many list providers would just send you a set of links and just wash their hands without monitoring them. These are the kind of sellers you should avoid at once.

An excellent list service will provide you a set of links, and they will monitor them to make sure that they are still in good condition to create backlinks. Best GSA SER list providers use unique monitoring methods to ensure that you use fresh links while removing the once that has reduced quality. Around the clock, monitorization is one of the main things you find in the best GSA SER list providers because the freshness of links is very important to help our websites rank.

GSA Captcha Breaker Verification

Using GSA Search Engine Ranker without a captcha breaker will not help get you a huge success. Sooner or later, you will have to add a captcha solver to GSA SER to approach good results.

When it comes to GSA SER lists, you will have to make sure that the links you receive are verified with the captcha breaker. If they are verified with captcha breaker, you will be able to pass their captcha solvers by any recognized Captcha solving service out there.

MOZ Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA)

Domain Authority & Page Authority are the search engine ranking score systems designed by MOZ to measure and predict the value of websites. When we create backlinks on target with a higher Domain Authority (DA) and a Page Authority (PA) it helps our project to rank on search engines and support our SEO campaigns. 

A few years ago, this was not an essential thing that we needed to check before choosing a GSA SER list provider. But now, a higher DA and PA values of verified links are a must in the best GSA SER list. You can quickly check the real value of the links that these list providers send us.

You can ask from the service provider about the DA and PA value of the links they provide. If you are allowed for a trial, you can pick one or two links and check the DA and PA values via MOZ or Small SEO Tools. Also, you can learn more about Domain Authority & Page Authority through the MOZ official website because it will be beneficial for your SEO campaigns.

Outbound Links (OBL)

This is a good way to check whether the links you get are actually spammed or not. Outbound Links are the backlinks that have been created on the website towards other websites. If there are many outbound links created from a site, each link will receive a small amount of link juice from the websites. If you create backlinks on websites that contain a lower OBL value, your website will receive more link juice that will help in your SEO. There are many tools that let you check any website’s number of external backlinks.


We all make sure to check reviews before purchasing something online, don’t we? Don’t just read this article, have a look around and talk to your fellow SEO experts, and ask the best gas user link provider in the market. Also, you can check online marketing forums and in the GSA forum as well. Those reviews will help you have a better idea of the list providers and have a proper image of what you will receive after purchasing.

Meanwhile, I will write about the best GSA SER lists provider that I know of that you can take your GSA SER projects to another level.

Best Gsa Ser List Providers in 2020

GSA SER Verified Lists – Best Overall

gsa ser verified links

One of the most reliable GSA SER list providers in the market. If you have done the research on the best GSA SER lists in the market, you should have come across SER Verified Lists. They have been successfully providing services for GSA Search Engine Ranker users for over 7 years. Speaking of their service, the link lists come under different categories to cater to any type of a list seeker. By far, this is the best GSA SER list provider that gives you links that have higher Page Authority and Domain Authority values while giving you GSA ser lists that only have an Outbound link value of 100.

Due to these qualities of the GSA SER lists that Verified Lists provide, users can use these links on higher tier projects without an issue. But you have to be creative and produce quality content in order to do it. They also provide GSA SER templates and helpful practice guides to the users that can be useful to approach a higher LpM value in GSA Search Engine Ranker.

If you have any questions about their service, all you have to do is to hop into their website. You will be able to contact an agent to get the necessary support you need. They have a fast support team, including a ticketing system, email support, and live chat agents.


  • Unlimited GSA SER lists
  • 100% Unique domains
  • GSA Captcha Breaker verified
  • MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority score is above 15 on each link
  • Outbound Links are below 100
  • Contextual links are included
  • Around the clock monetization
  • Lists are updated every hour
  • Set & forget system
  • Fast support with chat/email
  • Flexible price range ( Monthly – $37, 6 Months – $197, Yearly – $297)
  • GSA SER templates and helpful guides
  • Payment options – PayPal, Visa, Master, BitCoin

SER Power Lists – Best Value

Our third pick in the best GSA SER list providers is SER Power Lists. They also have been successfully providing their service for 5 years. It seems like it is managed under a new company, yet I can assure you that the quality of the GSA SER links has not been reduced but increased! The best thing with Power Lists is that we can try their service to check the quality of the links they provide.

They also provide GSA Search Engine Ranker verified and optimized links that have been verified by the captcha breaker. They scrape and filter over ten million links every week to provide their members, and they have been equally supplied to each member to reduce the spam probability.

They also provide real-time monetization to protect the freshness of links while removing the duplicates and spammy links. These links will help you get a higher LpM and VpM value because of the richness of the links that they verify and provide. The seller claims that the links they provide are safe to use on top tier projects.

Power Lists only allow for a limited number of members to join their member’s area. You can try out their service as they offer a 48 hours money-back guarantee.


  • 2 Days Trial for new members
  • 10 million GSA SER lists
  • 100% Unique domains
  • GSA Captcha Breaker Verified
  • Outbound Links are below 100
  • Contextual links are included
  • Around the clock monetization
  • Lists are updated every hour
  • Set and forget system
  • Optimized for higher LpM and VpM value
  • Prompt email support
  • Flexible price range (Monthly – $34, 6 Months – $167, Yearly – $299)
  • Payment options – PayPal, 2Checkout, BitCoin



SeRocket has been successfully providing GSA SER links over 5 years. They are quite famous for powerful links that are capable of giving a higher VpM and LpM value while working on your GSA SER project. The unique fact with SeRocket is that they provide verified links and identified links for their members. (Identified links are the once that are only been identified with GSA SER but not verified)

SeRocket also provides contextual and non-contextual lists. Contextual links can be used to create do-follow links.

If you are someone who is looking for Edu and Gov links, this could be a good choice as they provide these links specifically for the members. As Edu and Gov links usually come with higher domain authority.

As SeRocket link lists come with the live sync, you will not have to worry about dead or spammy targets. You can simply set up the links with GSA Search Engine Ranker and let the software take care of the job. In addition, you will receive a best practices guide along with the membership.


  • 100% Unique domains
  • GSA Captcha Breaker Verified
  • Identified Links are also available
  • Contextual links are included
  • Gov and Edu links are available
  • Around the clock monetization
  • Set and forget system
  • Flexible price range( Starter – $39/Mo, Premium – $49/Mo)
  • Payment options – PayPal

Loopline Auto Approve Marketplace

Loopline has also been in the GSA SER links trade over 7 years. He is quite popular for very informative and useful SEO tutorials that he creates for software like Scrapebox and GSA SER. Speaking of GSA SER links that he scrapes and filter, he created his own real-time syncing system called Blue Box. That is how member’s link lists were monitored and modified back in the day. Now he uses Dropbox. This method is also a hasslefree system and you can just set up the links to GSA SER once and GSA SER will automatically find the links it needs.

This list is also GSA SER, and Captcha Breaker verified. Also, he provides link lists that contain complex captchas like reCaptcha and Text Captcha links for his members. If you are using an advanced captcha solver, this category of links of Loopline will be quite useful to create Web 2.0 links. Advanced GSA SER users use this type of link lists.

However, with the general verified links that he creates, I was able to approach a higher success rate with a good VpM level. Apart from the GSA SER links, you will find a lot of useful tutorials and other videos that can help you increase the performance of GSA Search Engine Ranker and Scrapebox.


  • GSA Captcha Breaker Verified
  • reCaptcha and Text Captcha verified links for Web 2.0 threads
  • Around the clock monetization
  • Lists are updated every hour
  • Set and forget system
  • Optimized for higher LpM and VpM value
  • GSA SER & ScrapeBox helpful guides
  • Price – $57/Mo


There are many so-called best GSA SER list providers in every SEO and marketing related platform. As you can see, these GSA SER providers have been in the industry for over 5 years and gained a certain reputation with their service over the time period. If you need a link list for your GSA SER, I would recommend these services as the best GSA SER lists in 2020.

You will be able to use these links and let GSA SER perform well. But please bear in mind that purchasing a list subscription will not instantly fuel up GSA SER. It will also require other resources like emails and proxies.

These service providers usually run discount campaigns regularly. Make sure to double-check with their official websites and forums to receive the latest price.

None of these links are scraped through any particular niches. If you are looking for any specific niche related links, you will have to find them. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your projects!