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5 GSA SER Link Lists Reviews

7 GSA SER Link Lists Reviews – Choose the BEST!

Time is a limited thing for all of us, and GSA Search Engine Ranker is a time saver for all of us. It is a fantastic tool, but it requires certain things such as GSA SER link lists, proxies, emails, and some quality content to do wonders with it. So we are here to discuss the best GSA SER link lists.

All you need is to create backlinks when you purchase a GSA SER. Trying out each link service and testing which one works best is going to be a big hassle for anyone. I thought of taking all the hassle on behalf of you and see which service works best with this great tool. I tested over ten link services and thought of picking the seven best out of them to make your life easy. We assure you that you will have to end up in one of these services if you want to run your GSA SER campaigns efficiently.

Before we get started, as a Search Engine Ranker user, you need to know that the best way to get quality targets is by scraping on your own. However, it is going to consume a lot of time and resources to create a high quality verified list. So here are the seven best link list choices to take your GSA SER campaign to the next level.


I wanted to dig as deep as can with all the list services. Since most services have multiple link sets that have been specifically filtered, I thought of giving them all a try and see how the campaigns perform. However, this review only used the general link list of all the services to be fair for each party. I will be updating this guide when I run campaigns on each category of all the services in the future. For this review, we only used one set up of GSA SER in one VPS with a settled number of proxies and emails.

BEST GSA SER Link lists

Captcha solution

We are using GSA Captcha Breaker because that’s the best supportive captcha solver for GSA SER. It was set to 2 retries, and failed captchas would be considered as failed submissions.



HTML timeout



20 Private proxies from Buy Proxy


  • Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU
  • W3520 @ 2.67GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • 140GB SSD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Windows Server 2012

So I specially bought this VPS for this study, and it was $34 from Gnome.


Content is generated by the SEO Content Machine. Spun with Spin rewriter.

Backlinks towards


For each test, 30+ completely fresh and unique emails from catchall and 3 top domains

best GSA SER verified lists

SER Verified Lists

SER Verified Lists have been providing high quality verified link lists to GSA SER users for over eight years. I still remember that I subscribed to their earliest plans as soon as I purchased GSA SER. It’s been many years, and I have been an occasional subscriber of SER Verified Lists until this day.


Let’s keep personal reviews aside and get the facts straight. SER Verified Lists have been a reputed seller, and you can even find their sales thread on Black Hat World. Their specialized categories are designed for three different GSA SER campaigns that most SER users run. While importing targets, I found 0 duplicates on the lists.


  • Monthly – $37
  • 6 Months – $197
  • Yearly – $297

SER Verified Lists comes with three different list categories and also templates as a free bonus for their users.

This is how the member’s area would look like when you gain access.

SER Verified Lists - Members area

It took me a couple of hours to receive the Dropbox access after submitting the request forum. These are the folders that I received via the member’s area and for this campaign, I used lists from the Real-time Verified Targets category.

Contextual Pool

Contextual backlinks can be very beneficial to gain more awareness of our campaigns and backlinks. You can find a specific section for contextual targets in the member’s area. You can use these links to create powerful contextual backlinks with GSA SER. During the projects, I have to mention that the LPM level goes above 50. It could be because of the VPS, but then again, this is the list category that I noticed the highest level of LPM during the case study.

Low Obl – PA – DA

SER Verified Lists filter algorithm is designed along with the support of MOZ metrics. You can find a specific category of links that includes higher MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority valued backlinks here in this category. An overall, they make sure to provide links that only contain MOZ values over 15. The specialty of this category is that it contains links with super high MOZ DA & PA. Sometimes I have come across links that contain targets that have a MOZ value over 60.

You must be already aware of the outbound link ratios. OBL values are a great way to check the spam value of links, and this service includes links that have an OBL value below 50.

Complete Solo Lists

The complete solo list comes with all the targets that have been scraped and filtered in a nutshell. This is an old school technique that many GSA SER users followed. However, SER Verified Lists provide a.SL file with all the verified links for the user’s benefit.

Also, they provide templates from time to time for their users to use along with GSA SER. It comes as a free bonus. As you can see, this is an all in one list service that can be used on any GSA SER project.

I have to mention that I’m pretty much impressed with the LpM of the SER Verified Lists links. If you are looking for a GSA SER link list that can bring you a higher LpM, this service is highly recommended.

Real-time Verified Targets

This folder contains all the links that are verified and filtered by SER Verified Lists.

Even though SER Verified Lists wasn’t able to get a quick boost like SER Power Lists and SER Links, it made its way to give the best performance among all the services within 12 hours. Links from SER Verified Lists got 21988 backlinks within 12 hours.

SER Verified Lists -12 hours

SER Verified Lists showed impressive results after 24 hours by successfully creating over 50168 backlinks. Though SER Power Lists outperformed when it comes to most backlinks within 24 hours, I have to mention that the quality of backlinks is at it’ optimum level as a GSA SER link list service.

I noticed that logs in GSA SER say that there are no targets to post. But there are targets to post, and I think it’s because of a resync and cache issue. It was sorted when I cleared the cache.

I made sure to check some backlinks, and they have only provided targets with higher MOZ values and lower OBL values, which I didn’t notice in any other service.

Breakdown of the backlinks

SER Verifeid Lists


  • Unlimited Verified Targets Per Month
  • 100% Unique domains
  • Impressive results during campaigns
  • GSA Captcha Breaker verified
  • Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Page Authority & Domain Authority
  • Sorted For Below 70 OBL Targets
  • Contextual link list is included
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Templates & Addons
  • Best Practices Guide included
  • Email Support For Technical Issues
  • TeamViewer Support For Technical Issues

SER Links

SER Links is the brand new list service that came in 2020 to the GSA SER family. This caught my attention above all the other sellers because of their description of the complex filtration. Their main filtering system is the Majestic High Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which can be highly beneficial for GSA SER users who are looking for high quality verified link lists.

SER Links - Best SER verified link lists

Not just that, they filter through many captcha solvers such as GSA CB, Captcha Sniper, and Xevil, etc., to ensure that the links are capable of your captcha solver.

As soon As I gained access to the member’s area, I was happy to see that there were only a few members in it. Having only a few members is always a good sign when it comes to GSA SER backlinks. There are 3 different categories in SER Links member’s area. So I ran separate campaigns for each category and checked how things turned out.

I have to mention the quick support of SER Links. They got live chat agents, and also they quickly responded in forums and also for tickets in the member’s area.

Above all that, I was pretty impressed when I saw how efficiently GSA SER campaigns ran with SER Links. As they promised, I found 0 duplicates in their lists.


Monthly Package – $44

Yearly Package – $347

All Links

This category contains all the links that have been filtered by SER Links. When I checked, all the targets have higher Majestic TF/CF values, which proves that their accusation of the filters.

I ran the campaigns with all the engines checked, including the Web 2.0 engine groups.

Gaining an instant boost of LpM is quite common when running GSA SER campaigns. But I was carefully watching how the projects perform for an hour, and I started noticing instant and impressive results with SER Links and also with SER Power Lists. SER Links was able to give me 1550 verified targets, while SER Power Lists was providing 1780 verified targets.

SER Links performance is also quite admirable. Even though it was not able to reach the verified link goal as SER Power Lists and SER Verified Lists, it was able to successfully create 42380 backlinks within 24 hours. Which I still bevelie as outstanding performance for a link list that is highly focused on the quality of the links.

Breakdown of the backlinks

SER Links

Authority Links

If you are someone who is running high-quality campaigns with GSA SER, using Authority Links would be the best choice.

Contextual Links

Contextual backlinks can be very beneficial to gain more awareness of our campaigns and backlinks. You can find a specific section for contextual targets in the member’s area. You can use these links to create powerful contextual backlinks with GSA SER.


  • Daily Verified Links, Authority Links & Contextual Links
  • 7 days refund policy
  • Best results during campaigns
  • 100% Unique Domains
  • GSA Captcha Breaker, Recaptcha & Xevil Compatible
  • Powered by MajesticSEO
  • SPAM Filtered – Low Outbound Links (OBL)
  • Live chat, email, and ticketing support
  • 1 Teamviewer/RDP Free Setup

SER Power Lists

SER Power Lists was launched in 2015 and this is probably the most popular list service among GSA SER users. They provide over 95000+ high quality verified targets along with 30000+ top tier quality targets. Their main filtration comes with MOZ DA and with GSA Captcha Breaker.

SER Power Lists Best GSA SER lists

They also got three different link lists. They are Top Tier URLs, Contextual URLs, and verified URLs in the member’s area.

Best GSA SER link lists

Best GSA SER link lists 2


Monthly – $34

6 Months – $167

Yearly – $299

During the first hour of the campaign, I was impressed to see over 1780 successfully verified targets from SER Power Lists. To be honest, I didn’t expect that with any of these services, but I was able to notice such impressive instant results with SER Power Lists.

Verified URLs

As I have mentioned earlier I use links from Verified URLs in SER Power Lists for this review. Though the lists are from the general verified URL folder, SER Power Lists made sure to impress me with great results since the first hour. As you can see it showed 1780 links right at the start and continued to show impressive verified link values throughout the 24 hours.

SER Power LIsts - 24 hours

I can highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking to get a higher VPM with a list service. However, I noticed a caution on SERP, and some of the emails have been blocked. It could probably be the reason for having fewer links. It was sorted when I cleaned the cache and history of the project.

Top Tier URLs

They also provide MOZ PA/DA verified backlinks for their members. In their Top Tier URLs folder, you can find high-quality GSA SER link lists that are suitable for top tier GSA SER campaigns.

Contextual URLs

Contextual link building is very popular among GSA SER users. SER Power Lists allows their users to easily build contextual backlinks with their lists. When I was testing this list, the LPM was between 60-75. Still, it could be due to the performance of the VPS. I will continue this review in the future and will post the results here soon.


  • Two days Refund Policy
  • 95000+ GSA SER verified targets everyday
  • GSA Captcha Breaker verified
  • 100% Unique domains
  • Impressive results during campaigns
  • Sorted For higher MOZ Page Authority & Domain Authority
  • Contextual link list is included


If you are looking for a service that provides identified link lists and also verified link lists, SERPGrow service will be able to provide what you need. You will also find a couple of useful campaign templates that can be very beneficial for Search Engine Ranker Beginners.

This is also a very active seller, and you can even find their sales threads on Black Hat Forum and also on the GSA forum.

Along with the link lists they provide, you will also find useful templates that can be useful for your projects in the member’s area.

SERPGrow - Member's area

Speaking of the link lists they provide, it comes with high-quality link lists that don’t contain any duplicates. Though the sale’s thread mentions that it provides daily verified targets, sometimes you will be getting targets about three times a week. You can drop them a PM and get the issue fixed in a few hours. During the campaigns, I didn’t notice a higher LPM with the links SERPGrow provides.

SERPGrow - 12 hours

I have to mention that the lists of SERPGrow didn’t perform as the above services. But SERPGrow makes sure to outperform many other sellers, which we haven’t mentioned on this list. This might not be one of the best lists that you can use for top tier campaigns. But this would be one of the best GSA SER link lists that you can use on lower-tier campaigns.

Breakdown of the backlinks



One of another service that was launched in 2015. This is also a popular list service among GSA SER users. Speaking of their filtering process of their links, they do not mention any specific details about it. However, their links contain a decent number of DA PA values in their links.

Best GSA SER link lists - SERocket

You will be able to gain access to their member’s area instantly. It seems like everything is well made, and the system is completely automated. But you will not be able to expect as good customer service as the other services.

Best GSA SER link lists

According to their set up guide, this is how they want users to set up the proxy configuration. This is not something I noticed in other services.

Though their lists are rich in quality, it’s not very clear how their filtering process works. It has been a few weeks since I have been subscribing to this service. Sometimes I notice that they don’t send us daily updates and send fresh updates once or twice a week. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the campaigns, though.

While I was running campaigns, I was wondering why don’t use Dropbox to directly send us links. Sometimes Dropbox can cause syncing issues with VPS but still syncing Dropbox folders is the most reliable way to automate backlink import for GSA SER. However, I was not in favor of SERocket’s link list importing method.

SERocket - 24 hours

GSA SER link lists they provide make sure to show off performance above average


Starter Monthly – $39

Premium Monthly – $49

SERocket also provides identified lists for those who are interested in creating their own verified link list. The key specialty of SERocket is their EDU/GOV link list. For this test we only used the verified list category.

Breakdown of the backlinks


  • Fresh Daily Updates
  • Contextual and Non-contextual Link Lists
  • Synced Directly to your GSA via Dropbox
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Best Practises Guide included
  • EDU & GOV Verified Link Lists included
  • 100% Unique domains

Auto Approve Marketplace

Though I did use this service for this experiment, Loopline has been in the SEO industry for many years, and he also provides quality-verified link lists for GSA SER users. The service provider is a very supportive person, and if you pay a visit to Black Hat World or any other SEO related forum, you will be able to find him as Loopline. I used it last year, and it did provide quality links that are suitable for tier 2 campaigns.

Speaking of the service, Auto Approve Marketplace, it used to be active on Black Hat World, but now their thread seems to be closed. But they are very much active on the GSA Forum, and as a member of the Best Black Hat World forum, he is a very helpful member for anyone who needs support with ScrapeBox and GSA softwares.

Blue Box Real Time Sync

This folder contains brand new real-time targets, and it’s been updated every day. It removed dead or broken targets in real-time. It receives updates every day, and GSA SER imports targets directly without a hassle.

Master Lists

Master list updates every ten days, and we have to upload the lists to GSA SER manually.

One Off List

If you are someone who is planning to run GSA SER just for a short time, you can choose Loopline’s One-Off List. It only contains a number of targets that are suitable for one-time usage.

Auto-Approve Verified Lists

Auto-Approve list service is a real-time syncing list package that allows GSA SER to import targets directly without the moderator’s approval.


  • No Trial period or refunds
  • The price is $77 per month.
  • I haven’t specified how they filter links
  • Active on forums and via emails. Chat agents are not available (Or support platforms are not available)

All Links Campaign Review

So I ran the campaign for 12 hours and for 24 hours. Here’s the result I got. I made sure to treat all the projects equally and let GSA SER run independently. As you can see, links from SER Power Lists performed best while SER Verified Lists and SER Links hold the 2nd and the 3rd places when it comes to successful ratio accordingly. SERocket and SERPGrow also have made a decent number of verified backlinks.

If you are someone who is looking for a service for a churn and burn campaign or to get a higher LpM value, I would suggest you to check out SER Power Lists or SER Verified Lists. That doesn’t mean that you should not try the other services as well since these are the best among the best, according to our case study.

The overall champion of this testimonial is SER Verified Lists since that is an all in one service for any GSA SER user. You can get high-quality GSA SER link lists that got higher MOZ values while allowing you to get a higher LPM.

Comparison Charts

Price comparison

GSA SER link lists price comparison

Statistics Comparison

statistics comparison

Discontinued List Services


This used to be one of my personal favorite list providers in the GSA world. But now, they don’t respond to emails/tickets, and as users, we are unable to even claim a refund for the previous months. They completely went offline without notice.

Grint List

This used to be an expensive list service, and now the service provider doesn’t respond to any emails. When I last checked it out, their lists were rich in quality, but it was quite hard to use for the long term due to the heavy price range.


This service used to be one of the most popular list sellers in the industry. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the service now.


I also found some more list providers which are more like start-ups and some sellers with a reputation on forums and other marketing platforms. I have to make it clear that they all failed to meet the basic expectations of a GSA SER verified link list.

To be honest, all the list services that I have mentioned here are very impressive, and you can get something worthy for the price you pay. Of course, it depends on the user and how you use GSA SER for your campaigns. But to cut off the scraping part and the struggle you have to go through with Scrapebox, proxies, and other stuff, simply following one of these list services is really worth it.

Of course, choosing the best list service won’t skyrocket your ranking the next day. GSA Search Engine Ranker is a great tool that is like a knife. Let’s say that you are going to peel off an Apple. With a well-sharpened knife, you can peel off your Apple well and enjoy it. That’s the main purpose behind choosing the best fitting list service for your campaign.

Building contextual backlink is a specific method to bring some extra value to your websites. But it has to be done in a unique way than creating a random campaign. You will have to add quality content (human-made and the spun content is recommended), a good captcha solver, and emails. There are three specific list sellers that you can choose to create your contextual campaign. They are,

  • SER Verified Lists
  • SER Links
  • SER Power Lists

If you are someone who is doing a budget-friendly campaign, I would suggest you choose SER Verified Lists because it is in one service that gives you links to create any campaign according to your need. They also provide GSA SER templates for users. They also share coupons from time to time. Just say hi to their chat agents, and they will give you a coupon.

All the list services I have mentioned here gets the job done. There’s no doubt about it. But when it comes to SEO, it’s not just about money and time. At the end of the, you will learn to save money and time with these techniques. But when you start using these softwares, it’s all about exploring the possibilities and blending in your backlinks across the world wide web with creativity, which is going to take many test campaigns and time.

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