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SEMRush Vs Moz – 5 Best SEMrush Features & Moz Features

I used to believe that I will be able to become an SEO expert with what the free world got to offer me. I started using SEMRush free trial and Moz free free trial that was more than enough for me to start taking control of almost anything in my websites and in SEO. I didn’t think twice about purchasing these tools to make my life easier.

SEMRush and Moz are just two of the leading SEO tools on the internet. They differ from each other by several things including features, flexibility and even what they are really about. The only things that these tools have in common are that they both allow you to boost the SEO game and open doors to gain traffic to your websites.

Both programs are intended to help marketers who want to construct their website and increase the ranking. Both programs provide several strategies to begin on a campaign but there are some things that can distinguish SEMRush out of Moz. It’s a longer history than Moz does and Moz seems to have lately gained popularity with a growing amount of new members.

If you haven’t tried these tools before, I would highly recommend you to read this post. It will help you have a proper idea about these tools.

Even both tools may look alike at the beginning, you will find that SEMrush features have expanded in a wider area while Moz is more specified on Keyword base analyses.


SEMRush is one of the very popular SEO tools on the Internet today.  All-in-one Marketing Toolkit sounds perfect for SEMrush features because I find myself doing almost everything which are related to SEO with this tool. Such as, looking for untapped keywords, backlink analysis, fix backlinks and monitoring my website bugs and of course to keep an eye on what my competitors use to rank their websites.

SEMrush Features

A major problem we find when we run SEO campaigns is that it takes time to see the results of the campaigns which we run today. SEMrush features help us have a rough idea about the campaigns we do today and know what sort of impact we can expect.

SEMrush Features

Speaking of the speed, SEMrush API is doing an amazing job when it comes to analyzing and providing heavy data faster than most of the tools out there. SEMrush API is a unique feature that can be beneficial for you when analyzing data from Magento, Shopify, Ddrupal, PrestaShop and many more platforms.

SEMRush Key

word Research feature

When it comes to competitor analysis, SEMrush wins the award because it basically allows the user to analyze competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. SEMRush Keyword Research feature will directly help you find the keywords which are available for you to use and see the areas which you can easily rank. Also this feature helps you to follow competitor’s strategies and make progress with your websites. SEMRush Keyword tracking feature will allow you to find where your website exactly is depending on the keywords and the country.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis is also a great feature that both tools offer. But I have noticed that SEMrush performs better than Moz when it comes to this feature.

You can simply try SEMRush free trial if you are still new and confused about this tool. That would be more than enough to explore SEMRush features. The SEMRush academy is available for those who wish to follow the training. The SEMRush academy is the best place which you can learn almost anything about this great tool.

On Page SEO Checker

On Page SEO Checker is one of the great facilities we find among SEMRush features. This tool will provide you ideas and suggestions on how to improve the SEO visibilities of your website while analyzing your competitor’s campaigns.

You can learn more about SEMrush features through this video down below.



The developers of Moz deliver a variety of ways for improving the ranking of your websites. Moz SEO tool is also a similar tool like SEMrush but it has its own unique strengths and weaknesses compared to SEMrush. I find Moz interface more friendlier and it is the most popular analyst tool in the market.

Which SEMrush provides a good service when it comes to keyword research, Moz can find golden keywords which are somewhat richer in quality faster than SEMrush.

MOZ features

Moz Features

The Keyword game is a tricky subject and SEMrush will help you to find long tail keywords (As you know the valuable once). And monitor these keywords to see weather where our websites appear according to those keywords we use.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz allows you to track your website through the keywords which you have used from over 200 countries. This is a feature which I love the most in Moz and if you have country/region specified businesses, this would be a great feature to expand your traffic.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer will be a very useful tool for those who like to create high-quality link profiles that can draw attention and the traffic.

I ho

pe that you all have heard about Moz Domain Authority (Moz DA). Which is an advanced ranking score developed by Moz to track and predict how well a website will do when they meet Search Engine Result Pages. (SERPs) This Moz feature is been used by many SEO companies everyday.

Moz Competitor Analysis

It’s best not to expect much with the Moz competitor analysis because it doesn’t really have much to offer as much as SEMrush does.

Moz features are especially good for entrepreneurs that are just starting out since they Moz SEO Tool will help them get a heads up.

Moz Blog

If you want to learn about Moz and other features, you can check out the Moz blog. Even I find myself following the Moz Blog when I want to learn about new features. This is a highly recommended blog to follow if you are in the SEO industry. Not only about Moz related articles, but they also share very useful articles that are helpful to our SEO work on a regular basis.


They recently introduced a Moz Extension which is called Mozbar which you can add as an extension on your Chrome Web Browser. This Moz Chrome extension is also a cool tool that allows you to create custom searches, compare link metrics, easily analyze keywords, analyze pages and many more features.

Both tools are capable of performing the Backlink Analysis. But Moz tends to miss out on some backlinks which we have created. Maybe it was just a bug. Of course Moz does a great job when it comes to backlink analysis.

You can have a brief headsup with this intro video and explore what Moz is really about through their Youtube channel.

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