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SpamZilla - Hands on Review

SpamZilla | The Hands-on Review and everything you need to know

You must be aware of the value that comes with expired domains. Or perhaps, you are interested in buying an expired domain that has actual value in it. However, you have come across SpamZilla, and Yes, it is one of the best ways to find an expired domain that has value in it. So let’s get into the facts.

There are a few tools that you can use to find expired domains, such as Domain Hunter Gatherer and Spamzilla. Today, we are going to talk about Spamzilla, which is the best web-based tool that allows you to mine expired domains.

What are the benefits of expired domains?

It already comes with a value

Instead of buying a brand new website, a used domain usually comes with a number of backlinks and some added SEO value in it. But must check with a tool like Spamzilla before purchasing them because there are lots of websites that has negative value-added in them.

Helps you to get a heads up

It’s not an easy task to get a brand-new website indexed and get going with SERP, especially with the recent Google updates. Starting off with a domain that already has backlinks and perhaps traffic will help you to skip many barriers like, how to index a website, etc. and get going with your workflow.

Direct traffic to your money sites

If you find an expired domain that already has traffic, you can simply direct that traffic into your website. Or else you can let it pass link juice to any website you wish.

What can SpamZilla do?

Well… this is going to be a long answer. Basically, What SpamZilla does is help you mine expired domains and the ones that are about to expire. They have a huge database of links and data that help users to identify and check the SEO value of expired domains.

The most important feature that SpamZilla provides is the filter system that allows you to pick the best and the most suitable expired domains by filtering out the spammed domains.

Let’s dig into further details about the filters in SpamZilla.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

With the search bar, you can easily search on a keyword and check available domains that you can purchase. If you have a list of domains that you would like to process and check details with Spamzilla, you can do it here. The other main part of SpamZilla is the filters section.

SmapZilla Filters

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

One of the main parts of this tool is the filter section that we can use when looking for domains. Most of the sections must be familiar to you if you have been in SEO for some time. You can simply tweak and add, Major TLDs and Country TLDs and get started. Also, they offer other SEO tool filters such as MOZ, SpamZilla, Majestic, and SEMrush. You may not be able to use Ahrefs features now. They used to allow us to directly use Ahrefs filters directly along with other filters. But now we have to add our Ahrefs account to use this feature.
After adding the filters, you will be able to see a number of expired or about to expire domains. You can surf and pick domains here. The sections of this table can be very useful in picking the most suitable domains.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

A brief explanation about the sections

Source – You can check the location domain was imported from.

TF –  You can check the Majestic Trust Flow here.

CF – You can check the Majestic Citation Flow here.

Maj BL – Number of Majestic Backlinks.

Maj RD – Number of Majestic Referring domains.

Maj Topics – Majestic Topical Trust Flow.

Maj Lang – Majestic Languages.

Site Lang – Site Languages.

Moz DA – You can check the Moz Domain Authority.

Moz PA – You can check the Moz Page Authority.

Age – The age of the Domain. This shows the age that can be calculated from

SZ Score – This shows the SpamZilla Score.

SZ Redirects – You can find the number of 301/302 redirects found on the domain history.

SZ Parked – The number of domain parking pages found in the domain can be seen here.

SZ A/History – You can see the active years of the domain with a live website.

SZ Drops – The number of Domain drops recorded can be seen here.

Google Index – You can see the number of pages indexed in this website.

Out Links Internal – Number of internal links that’s been placed.

Out Domains External – Number of external links that have been placed.

SEMTraf – You can check the SEMrush Traffic Flow here.

SEM Rank – Shows the SEMRush rank.

SEM KW – Number of SEMRush keywords that domain ranks for.

Alexa Rank – You can check the domain rank in Alexa.

Price – Previous price recorded when Spamzilla first noticed.

Expires – Availability of the Domain.

Alexa/C – Website country.

If you click the SZ Score of each domain, you will be able to find more details about the domain such as screenshots from and, SpamZilla score, further details about backlinks, Link history, Anchors, Redirects, Word count, Majestic information, Drops, Indexed URL details, Language history, and the WHOIS History.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour

Other Features

There are a few other features that SmapZilla can offer. When you go to the tools, you will be able to see a few more features such as, Spam Checker, WayBack Export, WHOIS Tool, Registrar Compare, Index Checker, Duplicate Checker, and SERP Checker. I have been using these features from time to time when purchasing domains. But sometimes I don’t see certain results in 100% accuracy. So I make sure to crosscheck these details with another platform.

Spamzilla - timminsgoldminetour



You will be able to check pretty much all the details of an expired domain that you are planning to purchase via SpamZilla. But it is always better to cross-check with another tool because sometimes I notice small differences with the data provided. They are not major once. Just mild differences.

Hands down, this is the best tool that you can use if you are planning to step up your SEO game with PBNs and expired domains.

Also, click here if you like to check out our comparison between SEMRush and MOZ that can be useful for your work.

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